Spring usually starts in March and lasts until May.
The skies are usually clear, with an average temperature of 15 – 18°C daily.

Spring in Korea

March to May is arguably one of the most beautiful times in Korea. Temperatures are fairly mild, and anticipation fills the air in advance of the city’s cherry blossom season. Not to mention the many festivals surrounding this gorgeous time of year. For the most part, spring is relatively dry, however it’s also a transition period that can range from warm days to snow-filled ones. Additionally, the chance of rain increases gradually as June, aka monsoon season, approaches.

Average Temperatures by Month

  • March: 50 degrees F / 33 degrees F (10 degrees C / 0.5 degrees C)
  • April: 62 degrees F / 42 degrees F (17 degrees C / 6 degrees C)
  • May: 72 degrees F / 54 degrees F (22 degrees C / 12 degrees C)

What to Pack

The weather is mercurial in spring, so it’s best to be prepared. Early spring necessitates a warm coat and waterproof shoes, while late spring can be hot and require only a T-shirt, jeans, and sandals. It’s good to note that an abundance of shops, vendors, and even convenience stores in Korea sell inexpensive weather related items such as earmuffs, gloves, and umbrellas.