Seoul Forest Park Tulip Garden : Short Getaway into Nature

April is the Spring welcoming month of Korea. In the beginning of April, you could start seeing varieties of flowers blooming in sequence. Starting with yellow flowers, then tulips, cherry blossoms, roses, and many more beautiful plants. In Seoul Forest Tulip Garden, you could enjoy the scenery of a huge garden full of colorful tulips! Let’s take a look at how amazing it is!

A bit about Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest is huge. With a coverage area of 595,000 meter squares, it consists of five main parks : Culture and Arts Park, Eco Forest, Experiential Learning Park, Marsh Plants Garden and Hangang Riverside Park. Inside the park, you could not only experience park sightseeing, also you would be able to feed deers, visit exhibitions as well as insect and butterfly gardens!

How to get to the Tulip Garden?

The tulip garden is located in the Culture and Arts Park. You may get there by getting off at Seoul Forest Station (Bundang line) or Ttukseom Station (line 2). Both are getting you to Seoul Forest but the later would require a longer walk.

Tulip Garden is only open from the beginning of April to the mid of May when they start withering. The climax of Tulip Festival is usually at the mid of April every year.

What’s in the Tulip Garden?

Let me show some of our pictures taken in Seoul Forest Tulip Garden!

You can find the tulips in many surprisingly beautiful colors and even gradients of colors. I was amazed and could not help wondering whether they do some kind of genetic recombination or modification to diversify the colors.

Also, there was a lake with an interesting bridge. I was convinced that the bridge could take my weight without being broken. That will be extra fun walking across the lake using this peculiar bridge.

There was an open lawn where kids can run and play kites there, where people could sit on a picnic mat and enjoy the sunlight. There were also tables and chairs provided for people to rest and for picnics.

Here is a most huge table ever!

The weather was good when we visited Seoul Forest. The perks of visiting a garden on good-weather day – you could take sun-kiss photos!

We also saw people riding bike around the park. I guess there was a Ttareung-i (Seoul bike) renting station nearby. How refreshing it is to ride a bike around a park with flowers on windy day!

End Notes

If you want to feel the nature after a long while staying in this hustle-bustle city, and if you want to spend some quality time with your families or loved ones, Seoul Forest Tulip Garden might be your best choice. And no single penny is spent to enjoy all this scenery!

For more details about the map and hours, please visit their homepage or some introduction here.

🇲🇾 Chok Yan Ting

Traveler in South Korea