Seoul Picnic Guide

Is there a better way to welcome in the warm weather than going on a picnic? I think not! Picnics are a quintessential part of life in Seoul. In fact, there is an entire culture built around picnicking in Korea. If you want to have a true Seoul-style picnic, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered with this Seoul picnic guide!

Seoul Picnic Guide: Locations

Seoul has plenty of beautiful parks and green spaces that are perfect for picnicking. From rivers to skyscrapers, Seoul has diverse landscapes that offer the perfect settings for a day out. Let me introduce you to my favorites:

Banpo Hangang Park

As the name hints, this park is located next to the famous Banpo bridge that lights up at night. As such, it is also commonly referred to as the rainbow bridge. I prefer the southern side of the river, as it is quiet and offers a panoramic view of Namsan tower.

It gets even prettier at sunset and at night. People tend to rent some cute lights so the place is lit up with a romantic glow.

Seoul Forest

Not too popular among tourists, Seoul Forest is a local spot. It is a beautiful park, quiet with a lot of space for you to picnic under the shade of the many trees. However, it has recently gained a lot of popularity as a nature escape during the pandemic. And so, we may see the park become unusually crowded this picnic season.

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Yeouido Hangang Park

Perhaps the most popular park to picnic, Yeoido Hangang Park is widely accepted as the place where Korea’s modern picnicking culture originated. It is the perfect spot as everything is conveniently placed at the entrance and is easily accessible by subway. However, it tends to get a little bit crowded on the weekends especially with groups of high-schoolers.

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Seoul Picnic Guide: Essential Supplies

Spontaneous picnics are encouraged. However, this is Korea – people go all out when it comes to picnicking! Here is a list of the basic supplies you need to get the most out of picnicking season.

Picnic mat

Picnic mats can be found for rent by Korean ajummas (aunties) for about 4,000-6,000 won. You can usually find little stalls at the entrance of the parks. They give you a picnic mat and you can even rent a tent with a table and chairs. If you’re staying at night they even include a cute lamp. Some packages even come with a cute mini speaker.

If you want to buy your own to reuse throughout the season, they are often a similar price as rentals. You can find mats being sold at convience stores near popular picnic destinations or at Daiso.


What I love about Korean picnics is the convenience of everything. There are convenience stores and Chicken take-out nearby virtually every picnic destination. You don’t need to prepare food ahead of time to have the perfect picnic!

The staple for Korean picnics is Chi-maek which refers to Chicken and Maekju ( beer). While you can pick it up at a nearby take-out and walk it to your picnic spot, you can actually order delivery right to the park! However, if it’s a bit crowded, you are going to have to speak some Korean in order to tell the delivery guy where you are.


Many people bring card and board games when they go on picnics. If you forgot to bring games, no problem! The convenience store has a selection. They sell a variety of games from badminton sets to decks of cards.


Although it may be warm, it does begin to get chilly in the afternoons. In particular, if you are set up near a river or a lake it is a good idea to bring a blanket with you so that you don’t get too chilly.

Seoul Picnic Guide: Pro Edition

If you want to be extra, you are more than welcome to. Picnics are serious business in South Korea! Some people make it into a full on day camping experience.

Mosquito Tents and Bug Repellents

In Seoul’s hangang park and in many other areas around the city, tents are restricted. However, you can set up completely see-through mosquito netting tents. When it gets warmer and the mosquitos are out, this is the best way to protect yourself.

Additionally, you can also bring your own mosquito repellent incense, lamps, and sprays

Korean BBQ

Some people bring their own gas grills and hotplates out on picnics. Then, they set up their own riverside Korean BBQs. Pork belly, ssamjang, and lettuce wraps included!

Seats and a Table

In popular picnic areas benches, chairs, and tables are in short supply. For people who find it difficult to sit on mats for long periods of time, you can always bring your own. You can easily pick up a small foldable chair at your local daiso for about 5,000 won.

However, you can find some pretty creative seating options online. Recently one of my friends found a full on 4 seater pop up bench and picnic table, complete with a center umbrella. Additionally, in the past I have seen people bring inflatable bean bag chairs and mattresses with them on picnics.


In the end, how you enjoy this picnic season is up to you. Wheather you embark on a spontaneous picnic adventure or go all out and set up your own riverside K-BBQ, one thing is certain. Korean picnics are the best!

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