Jangtaesan Park

Jangtaesan Recreational Forest II: With Family and Friends

Jangtaesan Recreational Forest 장태산 자연휴양림 (815.855㎡) is one of the 12 major tourist attractions of Daejeon and the largest metasequoia forest in Korea. In ‘Jangtaesan Recreational Forest I: Relax and Heal Yourself’ we saw some calming activities that you can do there. Now we’ll see some options of exercises, activities for those who want to take their kids there and some more information on its lodging facilities.

Sports and Exercises in Jangtaesan

Jangtaesan Mountain is not even close to the famous mountains of Korea when talking about its height. Still, you can sweat a bit climbing it and it is totally worthy for its beautiful scenery. But, if you are with kids or older people, you can always chose the walking trails for an easier route.

Other than climbing and doing trails as exercise, you can also use their fitness facilities (4 types) for free. And there is the multi-purpose stadium, a small sports area for group games, such as soccer and basketball. Since the place doesn’t accept reservations, it is first-come, first-served basis, also for free.

Fun and Education for Kids in Jangtaesan

Kids can enjoy Jangtaesan, since there are a playground and traditional games areas; and learn while having contact with nature.

Playground and Traditional Games

The playground area is a fun and safe place for kids to play and there is another area where people can also try traditional Korean games, such as the Squid Play (오징어놀이), Stone-skipping (비석치기), and others.

Botanical Garden and Forest Classroom

The Botanical Garden is used as a learning space for the kids, to teach them about plants that are commonly seen in our daily lives and a area of the metasequoia forest is also used for learning in contact with nature.

Forest Experience Programs

These are a good option for families with kids, but anyone can join these programs. There are various activities to learn about plants, insects, the soil, etc. by interacting and observing nature and using our senses to feel and understand its importance better.

Lodging Facilities in Jangtaesan

You can find three different lodging options in Jangtaesan, each one in a different area of it and they can take up to 15 people. You can make reservations on their website (in Korean only). Here are the lodging daily room rates (check in at 15:00 and check out on the next day at 12:00).

High season: every Friday, Saturday and Holidays’ eve, and from July 1st to August 31st.

When to visit Jangtaesan?

Each season has its charms in Jangtaesan. During spring and summer its trees have a pretty lively green color; the winter makes the trees lose their leaves or covers the whole mountain in a magical white color with snow; and the autumn changes the leaves to warm colors. In my opinion, the place is specially beautiful during autumn, when the whole mountain is painted in shades of red, orange and yellow and the weather is just perfect, fresh and still not too cold.

For more information, check the ‘Jangtaesan Recreational Forest I: Relax and Heal Yourself’ or Jangtaesan Recreational Forest official website (in Korean only).

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