Paragliding in Korea

Paragliding has been on my bucket list since arriving in South Korea. I even wrote ‘paragliding experience’ on my agenda and selected a paragliding photo as the background on my laptop. Finally, I checked the experience off of my bucket list in 2022 with a trip to Danyang, North Chungcheong.

Choosing Where to Have a Paragliding Experience

There are several paragliding locations in South Korea – Yeosu, Danyang, Yangpyeong, Cheongdo, etc. I compared the location and view for the paragliding experience in advance. Then, I narrowed it down to Yeosu and Danyang City. In Yeosu, the view was the best because the paragliding will start in the mountains and you land on the beach. However, unpredictable weather can often result in cancellation.

My second choice was the city of Danyang, North Chungcheong. This city is indeed famous for its paragliding location. This is because it has mountains and city views along with the Han River that divides the city of Danyang. Besides the view, the probability of unexpected cancellation is pretty low. This is the biggest reason why I chose Danyang to be the location of my first paragliding experience.

Danyang Paragliding Cost and Service

There are several paragliding places in Danyang, that you can choose between. For most places, the price is about 100,000 won for a standard flight, plus 20,000 won for a video.
The paragliding offered for inexperienced flyers like myself is a tandem experience. This means a customer will fly together with a ranger.

The place I went to also provided a pick-up service from Danyang Terminal and Danyang station. So if you are using public transportation, be sure to check in advance is these services are offered. Most paragliding places aren’t very accessible by public transportation and are in areas without taxis. Let them know if you need this service in advance. But besides that, paragliding is very weather dependent. Be sure to check the forecast, and most places will give a 100% refund for weather cancellations.


  • I highly recommend booking the experience via an application like Coupang. First, because you will get a discount price. Second, because only a few service tours use the Coupang application, so it doesn’t take much time to choose the desired service tour.
  • Booking at least one week before your experience. This is to get your preferred time in flight. After making a purchase, please contact the tour to book a flight date and time.
  • I chose the Dream Leisure Paragliding (Not Sponsored). Standard Price 100,000 won (but 84,000 on Coupang) + Video 20,000. The total was 104,000 won for an 8 minute flight.

Paragliding Experience Day

The location of the Dream Leisure Paragliding office was near Danyang Traditional Market and can be reached on foot. After arriving at the location, we completed our registration by writing our names, phone numbers, and signing some liability forms. This is of course in case you pull a Ms. Yoon Seri and a random tornado blasts you into North Korea (Crash Landing on You Fans, Anyone?)

We also watched a video of standard and extreme flying. Extreme flying is when there are a lot of swings and turns during your ride. I chose the standard one. After that, we had time to put on our clothes and equipment. We suited up in a parachute, jumpsuit, helmet, and gloves. They also prepare shoes just in case a customer wearing sandals.

Crazy Ride

Let’s go to the flight point! I thought the flying would be the only thrilling part of paragliding, but boy was I wrong…

The jeep ride up to the launching point was just as scary as the paragliding itself. The driver was super fast and the road was winding and narrow. My friends and I screamed several times during the drive.

After arriving at the top, or flying point, the rangers helped us take some group photos. Before flying, we put on additional equipment and got some safety information from the ranger. Then, the countdown started. Once we reached zero, began running until suddenly our feet left the ground. Yes, now we were now flying!

Overall it was an unforgettable experience that I’ll cherish forever.

Final Thoughts and Tips

The time needed for the entire experience was about 2 hours. We arrived at the paragliding office at 3 PM, got our gear, went up to the mountain, and enjoyed our flying experience. After that, we returned our gear, transferred videos, and print the photos in the office. Finally, we left the office at 5 PM.

Actually flying only lasted about 8 minutes. However, it took a little longer because the five of us were divided into 2 groups, the first 3 people flew first. And the next 2 people flew around 20 minutes later. So, I think one group can finish this paragliding experience within 1 hour.


  • If you have a request for a photo, let the ranger know. The ranger will take the photos of you in these templates: group photos, individually, and jump photos.
  • While flying do everything you want to be captured in the video. I conveyed my expressions and communicated my experiences in the video like a YouTuber several times.
Dream Leisure Paragliding (드림레저패러글라이딩)

Address:   Chungcheongbuk-do, Danyang-gun, Danyang-eup, Subyeon-Ro 59-1
Korean Address: 충북 단양군 단양읍 수변로 59-1
Opening Hours: 09:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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