Gyeongchun Line Forest Park: Hwarangdae Railway Park (PART 2)

Following up from my previous blog about the Gyeongchun Line Forest Park, now it’s time to get to one of the old stations that can be found along the trail. Hwarangdae station! Let’s dive into the place.

Hwarangdae Station Railway Park

The Hwarangdae station is one of the stations that is along the Gyeongchun line station. This railway park is the core of the Gyeongchun Forest trail. It’s a beautiful chill railroad park during the day and a glow garden at night. When visiting the Gyeongchun Line Forest Park, you will come across this place. A definitely must visit place!

From the Gyeongchun Line Forest Park mentioned above to the Hwarangdae station railway would take you a few minutes by bus.

The little coffee shop in a train

As soon as you reach the Hwarangdae station railway park, you’ll immediately notice this little quaint coffee station that they set up in one of the trains there. There are no place to sit but you can grab a coffee or any drinks that they sell and enjoy it while you have your stroll.


This place is filled with antique Korean trains. The above photo is one of them.

They also have the pre existing Korean trains that you can find at subways now.

Photo overlooking the train railway. It’s kept as it is with some decorations to light up the place.


The station that has stopped operating and is now a museum.


This place is filled with great photo ops! Here’s one of the spots where you’ll need to have your photo taken when you visit there. A light pole with signages that display the directions of train stations. Yes the names written there are train stations.

Here’s another spot with an antique train behind me. You can actually go inside the train and see the antique interior of train! A worker there will help you and show you around in the train.

Do you see how the ground is covered with autumn leaves? It’s so pretty. I would reccommend you to go here during autumn or spring. During the night they turn on the lights surrounding the place, and it’s a totally different vibe!

Here’s another one! You’d be able to go in this train as well and have your photo ops!

When I was there, there was a radio show going on which was interesting.

A sign that says Gyeongchun Line Forest Park in Korean at the entrance of the park.


This place is an attraction at night too. They have a light garden. The light garden is set up across a 400 m section of the former Hwarangdae Station area, while offering 10 unique night courses with differently-themed sculptures that includes a secret flower garden, light tunnel, music garden, light garden, sky light garden, tree of life, fantasy train station, Milky Way garden, forest storyland, and firefly garden.

How to get there

Address: 29-16 Gongneung-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul 서울 노원구 공릉동 29-16
Entrance Fee: Free
Operating hours: Everyday


After a walk along the railway, time for some lunch. This is a restaurant located along the Gyeongchun Forest line Park. (Refer to my previous blog part 1 of the Gyeongchun Line Forest Park) You can just walk along the railway and you’ll come across this place.

They mostly sell brunch with some delicious pasta and also scrumptious desserts!

It has it’s own building and here’s what it looks like. They have 3 floors and the seatings on the inside are also quite pretty.

The menu. They have a tube type handmade jam as their signature product and some of their best dishes are the Spicy Rose Pasta and Pastry Pizza.

Here’s what me and my friend ordered. We ordered the tomato spinach pasta and the spicy seafood pasta. With americano coffee and a juice for our drinks. The prices are quite pricy but it’s worth it for the amount that you get and also for the taste!

How to get there

Address: 32 Gongneung-ro 41-gil, Nowon-gu Seoul 서울 노원구 공릉로42길 32
Operating Hours: Everyday 10:00-22:00
Last order: 20:00

I hope this blog was helpful providing some information of the Gyeongchun Line Forest Park and the Hwarangdae Railway Park. Do give this place a visit if you’re up for a chill stroll and some pretty photo ops!

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