Seoul Rose Festival- A Dreamy Affair For Floral Enthusiasts

Spring fever just got fancy. And in case you’re wondering what we’re talking about, well, it’s the beautiful Seoul Rose Festival.

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Considered to be one of Seoul’s most attractively popular springtime affairs, this event is a must for travelers in search of exploration. Moreover, visitors are enthralled by the splendid 5-kilometer long rose tube or tunnel.


Here in Jungnangcheon, you’re introduced to a wide array of roses with all sorts of designs, colors, and textures. And yes, it goes well beyond that classic red.

Source: Majid Mushtaq

Did you know that there was actually a day reserved for roses? Well, in fact, there’s actually an entire weekend that’s solely dedicated to roses in Seoul. And it’s safe to say, it’s a dream avenue for flower enthusiasts from all over.

Source: Majid Mushtaq

From rose-themed acts of entertainment to lively theatrics, food, and more- there’s a lot of blissful exploration on offer. Furthermore, in the midst of it all, let’s not forget about the renowned Rose Market and Rose drawing competitions. Can it truly get any better than this?

Arriving at your destination- Seoul Rose Festival

You can simply reach your venue in a number of convenient ways. They include the following:

Take Subway Line 7, arriving at Meokgol Station. It’s exit number 5,6,7- just an 8-minute walk by foot towards Jungnagcheon Stream.

Source: Majid Mushtaq

You can also opt for Subway Line 7, arriving at Junghwa Station. Now take exit numbers 3 and 4 and keep moving forward by foot for 8 minutes, towards Jungnagcheon Stream.

Jaw-dropping Rose Tunnel- 5.15km of floral bliss

Imagine yourself entering into a giant tunnel that’s full of roses. And no, we kid you not, it’s an absolutely refreshing ordeal.

The giant tunnel is packed with visitors who simply can’t stop admiring the luscious roses on display. It’s not only the most popular photography point in the entire venue, the tunnel is the longest in all of South Korea.

Source: Majid Mushtaq

Furthermore, you’ll find that the tunnel extends from Mukdong Bridge, all the way towards Jangpyeong Bridge. Any guesses on how many roses it actually contains? Well, we’ll give you a hint or even reveal the mindblowing answer. In total, you can expect to see around 200,000 planted roses, comprising of more than 165 varieties. And across the entire festival ground, you’ll find about 10 million blossoming and blooming roses.

Giant Rose-Shaped Canopy- Artistic brilliance on display

If the venue’s Rose tunnel has you in awe, you just might want to catch your breath for this next reveal. Think along the lines of a giant rose-shaped canopy that’s booming with floral brilliance.

Yes, it’s all about grandeur and luxe, not to mention an artsy affair. Moreover, the artificial shade or canopy is probably the country’s largest of all. To be exact, it expands around 35 meters wide while being 8 meters tall.

With such a grand display of beauty, you can only imagine visitors thronging for pictures galore. So what do you do under such a grand spectacle? Well, it’s simple. Visitors sit back, relax, and take the serene views in.

You can either embark on an endless photography adventure, enjoy a picnic-like event, or simply stare in awe at the beauty that surrounds.

Rose sculptures and popup gardens- adding light to Seoul Rose Festival

In the grandeur of the event, there are plenty of fascinating rose sculptures all around. They scream for attention. And believe it or not, each piece redefines the beauty of an unknown kind. Who knew roses were so versatile after all? At the same time, don’t forget to notice how the roses change color with fluctuating temperatures. It’s truly mesmerizing, to say the least.

Moving on to the brilliant pop-up gardens- you’ll truly love this striking arrangement. Certainly, the event organizers worked hard to ensure diversity all around. And this is another prime example.

Here, you’ll find about 16 small-sized gardens. Above all, each garden is the creation of a resident that belongs to one of the city’s 16 districts. And that means you’re going to witness 16 different themes on offer. If that’s isn’t floral diversity than we’re not quite sure what is.

Food and entertainment at its finest

With more than 20 food trucks operating at the venue, you’ll love this arrangement. Moreover, it’s not uncommon to find the most appetizing dishes that range from snacks to full meals. Don’t forget there’s plenty of refreshing juices and coffee blends too. One particular fascination you might adore is the rose-themed goodies, including rose cotton candy.

As far as entertaining activities are concerned, there are rose-themed drawing competitions too where artists put their skills to the test. If you fancy a little self-attention, why not embark on caricature stalls. All in all, the carnival-like theme is definitely one of the event’s strengths.

Every year, locals and tourists make the Seoul Rose Festival a thrilling success. And when you’re surrounded with beauty beyond bounds, a visit to this floral fiesta makes absolute sense.

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