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Jungnangcheon Stream Rose Tunnel: Feel The Spring

Once the venue of the annual Seoul Rose Festival, Jungnangcheon Stream features a long tunnel embroidered with different colors of roses. Also not to mention a large Rape Blossoms field alongside the stream.

How to get to Jungnangcheon Stream Rose Tunnel

To get to Jungnangcheon Stream Rose Tunnel using subway, get off at Junghwa Station(Subway line 7) and walk 10 minutes from exit 3. Another alternative way is to get off at Taereung Entrance station and walk 5 minutes from exit 8. These two methods will get you to two different end. Otherwise, you could also use bus 2115 or 273 to get there. I followed the former so I will share the point of view according to my route.

Usually at the beginning of summer between May and June, roses bloom in South Korea. Jungnang Stream Rose Tunnel is one of the best places in Seoul to watch the beautiful roses blooming in bunches. The other locations popular with roses sight-seeing are Seoul Olympic Park Rose Plaza and Seoul Grand Park Rose Garden. You could also take a visit there for amazing rose scenery.

Jungnangcheon Rose Tunnel

The length of the rose tunnel is about 5.15 kilometers so it would take about half an hour to walk to the other end. Roses are just everywhere throughout the tunnel. Some are on the wall on one side and some are climbing along the tunnel gates, making the tunnel look like some magical place in the fairy tales.

Many lovers and couples visit there for a romantic walk. Besides, you could also see many people taking their pet dogs for walk along the tunnel.

If you love to take photo, here might be the best place for you. Everywhere is just another great Instagram-able background.

Actually not only the tunnel, even down the stairs on the pedestrian road, you could also see many roses planted along the road. This is somewhere along the pedestrian road where different colors of roses can be seen scattering around the garden. There is also a small pavilion in the garden.

Seoul Rose Festival

Before the pandemic, Seoul Rose Festival is held at Jungnangcheon Stream every year. There are rose market, rose exhibition, rose parade, and other performances featuring roses. In addition, artists from Kazanlak, a town in Bulgarian, which has been hosting rose festival since 1903 also visited Seoul to celebrate the festival together. Also, during Seoul Rose Festival, you could enjoy the scenery formed by roses not only in day but also at night where colorful spotlights lighted up the tunnel.

Soorim Grand Park

On the way towards the Rose Tunnel, you could also find Soorim Grand Park. This is a park full of roses, lights and interesting sculptures. The roses are also found in various colors, lying in clusters of flowerbed.

Rape Blossoms Field (유채꽃)

Just at one side of Jungnang Cheon Stream beside the below the rose tunnel, you could catch sight of a wide yellowish rape blossoms field. Walking down along the bridge leads you to the field. The view from the bridge above is breathtaking and relaxing that you would not believe it exists in Seoul a hectic city.

Just walking through the field felt really good. You could also notice many bees and butterfly flying across the yellow flowers in the field. Don’t forget to capture this beautiful scenery in your camera. The background is naturally photogenic!

Rose Walkway

At one end of the rape blossoms field, you could find a long rose flowerbed covering one side of the way. Each of them forms a beautiful background to lighten up your Instagram feeds or gallery. In front of the pink roses, you could also find food trucks selling some snacks and drinks for people who need some refreshment.

They also provide seats covered from sunlight. You could stop by to get some rest after the sightseeing.

My Review

If you love flowers and enjoy natural scenery, I would definitely recommend you to visit Jungnangcheon Stream Rose Tunnel. Imagine walking into a picture full of roses with fragrance of roses, how amazing that would be. I would also strongly recommend this hidden gem to those who like to take photos. Don’t miss the chance as roses only bloom for approximately 4 weeks or less before they wilt and you will have to wait for another year to see the same scenery!

🇲🇾 Chok Yan Ting

Traveler in South Korea