2 Spots for Spring Brunch at Seoul Forest

Why not welcome flower season with a spring brunch at Seoul Forest? You can surround yourself with the best spring has to offer in the city while enjoying a sunshine-filled morning with friends.

About Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest also known as the central park of Seoul is a big park located in the eastern part of the city. Located around Seongsu-dong, it is popular among locals for picnics, afternoon walks, and for its beautiful gardens filled with flowers. Plus there are also adorable animals scattered around the park such as cats, squirrels, and even deer.

As the area started to get more and more popular, many businesses started to open around the park making it a hot spot to visit for day trips. Although it can get crowded over the weekend, the park is huge. And so, if you wander around a bit, you are bound to find a secluded spot you can claim as your own.

However, before you get settled into your afternoon enjoying nature, why not grab some brunch? Here are two of my favorite spring brunch spots surrounding Seoul Forest.

BingBong 빙봉

BingBong is a European-style brunch restaurant. It is located right in front of the park so the overall vibe of the place is quite peaceful. You can sit inside or if you’re lucky grab a spot on the terrace.

Their signature dish is the Before Sunrise Crepe. It includes fresh ingredients such as onions, cheese, and arugula topped with hard buckwheat dough, and egg yolk. After bursting the yolk, cut it into bite-sized pieces and roll it up to eat. For an additional 2,000 won during lunch on weekdays, you can enjoy coffee or tea with it.

Although the Before Sunrise Crepe is their signature dish, the most popular menu item is actually their Brunch Tasting Menu. You can find hundreds of pictures of the set on Instagram.

It consists of their signature Before Sunrise Crepe, eggs benedict, and for dessert their Vanilla Brioche French Toast with the tomato meatball stew on the side. Although it is indeed appetizing, price wise it is quite expensive, so you will have to judge for yourself if it is worth it.


Address:   18-14 Seoulsup 2(i)-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Korean Address:  서울 성동구 서울숲2길 18-14 1층
Operating Hours: Tues - Sun: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
                 Monday: Closed

Chedda & Oli

I discovered this place through a Korean blogger who recommended the place. It has a very healthy menu, perfect for your first meal of the day. They have salads, sandwiches, as well as paninis. For the salads, we have salmon avocado, Mexican shrimp, and chicken caesar.

Additionally, size-wise it is quite generous and filling! Now for the sandwiches and paninis, you have different options. You can also find them on delivery apps if you happen to live close enough! Brunch brought directly to your home might be the greatest thing that ever happened! Or, you could even order a picnic set directly to your seat in the park.

Chedda & Oil

Address:   32-14 Seoulsup 2(i)-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Korean Address:  서울 성동구 서울숲2길 32-14 갤러리아포레 상가 102동 113호
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun: 10:00 AM - 07:30 PM

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