The Winter season lasts from December to February. During this season,
the temperature drops below -20°C. Winter in South Korea is extremely cold.

Winter in Korea

Winter days are often clear and sunny despite the frosty temperatures, though it does rain or snow sporadically. Heavy snow in Korea is rare, though do keep an eye out for the wind-chill factor when the Siberian winds start blowing. Although the winter season is very cold and can be harsh, there are still loads of things to do. Despite the dropping temperatures, you can join and watch festivals, events, and performances. You can also experience snow sports, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, snowman making, and other winter activities.

Average Temperatures by Month

  • December: 40 degrees F / 24 degrees F (4 degrees C / -4 degrees C)
  • January: 35 degrees F / 19 degrees F (2 degrees C / -7 degrees C)
  • February: 40 degrees F / 24 degrees F (4 degrees C / -4 degrees C)

What to Pack

Everything you’d expect to wear on a cold winter’s day; sweaters, scarves, gloves, warm shoes and socks, and top it all off with a warm, heavy coat.