Korean Fashion Tips for Fall/Winter 2022

Korean fashion is undeniably one of the most aesthetic fashions to look up to. The Hallyu effect is spreading around the globe thanks to the booming popularity of K-dramas and K-pop. And as a foreigner living in Korea, maybe you don’t want to miss trending fashion for this fall/winter 2022 season. Below are a few ideas for you to dress like a fashionable Korean!

Fall/Winter 2022 Color Palate

When it comes to bold prints and flashy colors, Korean fashion completely skips it. Even when it comes to edgy street styles, neutrals and low-saturation colors play a significant role.

While you may see idols in flashy colors and patterns, it’s very far from the reality you’ll see in the streets. Neutral colors flood clothing shops in Korea. Koreans seem to dress very simply but elegantly thanks to the effect of this color palate.

Neutral and sober colors like brown, black, and gray are the all-time favorites for this season. Moreover, those colors can be mix-matched easily, which increases the number of outfits you can create. Plus, it saves you the headache of choosing an outfit when everything in your wardrobe easily matches.

Trench coats

What is fall without the aesthetically pleasing, posh trench coat? Oversized coats, especially trench coats, are extremely popular in Korea! Trench coats are simple to pair with a variety of ensembles. You can layer them with anything from floral dresses to minimalistic ensembles for a classy look.

There’s no denying that oversized trench coats are one of the most significant Korean fashion trends for 2022. As a person who lives in Korea, I see trench coats everywhere, especially in Seoul. One thing in Korea is that everyone seems to dress similarly. Therefore, the trending trench coat phenomenon is even more obvious! And, it’s easy to see why they are so popular. They lend a touch of elegance to any ensemble and overall sophistication.

When looking for a trench coat to match the Korean aesthetic, you want to go with neutral colors and minimal. Whether you are aiming toward a casual street style or a preppy look, trench coats never fail to make you look put together. Complete your look with a beautiful pair of boots or heels and you’re good to go.

Sweater Vests

As we venture into the world of layering, sweater vests are a must. Since 2020, this “grandparent” trend has been taking the world by storm. What sets this sleeveless sweater apart from other trends is that it doesn’t take away from an outfit’s simplicity.

With their low-cut neckline, they can be layered on top of button-down shirts or detachable collars. Plus, they are quite cheap as well ( around 10,000 won for one). So, it’s an affordable way to diversify your wardrobe.

Try to play with different cuts and sizes to create visual wow factors. You can go for an effortless look by throwing on a cable-knit sweater vest, oversized collared top, and a-line skirt.

Or, if you prefer a preppy look, pair an argyle sweater vest with a polo shirt and plaid mini skirt. One special thing about this item is that you can elevate your outfits this fall season with colorful sweaters and funky patterns. This can be quite interesting since Korean tends to go for simple items. But sweater vests can be as colorful as you want, and not look out of place!


It is not cold season without padding. Padded jackets, long and short are in for fall/winter 2022! As those who live in Korea know well, it gets very frigid here in winter. I’m fairly certain that every citizen in Korea has at least one padding, and it is well worth investing in a good one!

There is a fun saying: “Why spend money on flashy clothes when all of them will be covered by long padding in the winter”. It is quite true since, in the winter, all you can see is long padding in the streets. Not much fashion goes on during winter in Korea. It can be quite cold and nothing is more comfortable than wearing a long padding to keep your whole body warm without too many layers of clothing.

You can buy long padding for sale in the early winter, or even in summer. Long padding is normally expensive. However, investing 100,000 Won or more in something you’ll wear all winter to keep you warm is well worth it. It is best that you fully prepare to get through the cold winter.

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