What To Do In Gangwondo This Winter

Has it crossed your mind to visit Korea in winter? Spend Christmas here, or watch it snow? We will tell you some information that may help you if you decide to visit Korea in winter… or not. Without further ado, here is what to do in Gangwondo this winter!

Weather in Gangwondo this Winter

First thing to keep in mind: is time. In Korea, it is normal for it to snow in winter, especially in the northernmost areas of the country, but not so much in the southern coastal areas.

Now, temperatures are around 0ºC almost all winter, they can even reach -10ºC, or less -depending on the area. Remember that Siberia is not very far from Korea and, if the wind decides to blow, it will be very cold! Especially in the mountain areas, where temperatures of -20ºC have been recorded!

When the first snow falls in Korea, is called 첫눈 [chotnun]. 첫 [chot] = First 눈 [nun] = Snow. For those of you who know a little more Korean, you will know that 눈 also means eye. So if we say 첫눈, we not only mean the first snow but also the first sight. To be more specific, love at first sight; hence the first snowfall is related to love. So romantic!

Did you know…? In Korea, it is believed that if you meet that special someone during the first snowfall, true love will blossom between the two of you.

What to Do

In Gangwondo this winter, activities will be significantly increased. This is because of the post-quarantine rush. There will be minimal social distancing measures due to the waning of the pandemic.

First of all, if you want to enjoy a full winter landscape. I highly recommend that you go to Gangwon-do province. So in this blog post, I will be covering all Winter things in Gangwondo. 

Daegwanllyong Snowflake Festival

대관령 눈꽃 축제

Daegwallyeong is quite a popular destination in Gangwondo this winter. The city is located in one of the coldest areas in Korea. Among the events that are usually held, we can find this snowflake festival in which various activities are carried out for the whole family to enjoy. There are large snow sculptures and mazes as well as ice skating and sledding.

The timing of the festival is dependent on the weather. The dates for this season’s festival have yet to be announced. However, the last festival was held from February 2 to February 13 and normally it takes place in mid-January. Click Here to check the official site to see if this year’s dates have been announced.

Woljeongsa Temple


Woljeongsa is one of the most beautiful places for an overnight stay in Gangwondo this winter. Here you can experience the daily life of Buddhist monks in Korea’s snowy mountains. For more information on temple stay at the temple, Click Here.

This temple was erected during the Silla dynasty by Buddhist monks. Over the years it burned down several times and has been rebuilt. Inside you can find numerous figures of great importance to the Buddhist religion, including pieces considered National Treasures.

Daegwanllyong Sheep Farm

대관령 양떼목장

Just a 30-minute drive from the temple is Daegwanllyong sheep farm. This is one of the most popular farms in the area. The scenery is worth seeing as sheep are not very common in Korea. It is a unique experience if you come across them along the way.

They are so cute huddled together in the barn as snow falls around them!


Fancy a little more adventure? Gangwondo also has numerous ski slopes, remember that Winter Olympics were held here in 2018.

With ski resorts within the slopes, you’ll be able to enjoy all sorts of activities like ice slides, ski lessons, and delicious Gangwon knife-cut noodles that will warm you up after a long day in the snow. 

If you don’t want to be too cold during winter in Korea, you better not go to Gangwondo. You can always stay in the south, where the cold is somewhat milder, although it is rarer than snow. However, the vast majority of cities decorate with lights, trees, and other Christmas decorations for the occasion, so wherever you go you can enjoy the spirit of winter.

Do you dare to go to Gangwondo in winter?