Skiing in Korea: What to Prepare

Are you planning on going skiing in Korea this winter? Here are some things you should prepare in advance before hitting the slopes!


Items You’ll Need to Bring

Thermal Underwear

This type of underwear is available in supermarkets such as Lotte Mart or Emart. I recommend the Uniqlo Heattech ultrawarm set. It is cheap and it can keep you warm all day long!


Be sure to wear high socks to prevent blisters. Also, it is best to bring two pairs. They can get wet if you are falling often. Or, one pair may not be enough to prevent blistering.


A beanie is a must for keeping your ears and head warm. As a pro-tip, it is best to wear a squared top or double-tipped, rather than a round beanie to prevent it from riding up and coming off while skiing.


You should definitely wear specialized gloves when skiing. These gloves are available for sale or rental in the ski area! Or, itis often cheaper to just buy them on Coupang.

Heat Packs or Thermal Stickers

Heat packs and stickers will help you stay warm without wearing too many clothes that make it difficult to move while skiing!

Renting Ski Clothes

Many places where you can go skiing in South Korea will have clothing rentals. However, if you are outside of the average Korean sizing range, you may find it difficult to rent clothing.

Basic rental packages for clothing are around 40,000 won for ski pants, a ski jacket, a helmet, and goggles. However, you will need to bring inner clothes, socks, and gloves with you.

Bringing Your Own Clothes

If you are beyond the average sizing range, renting clothing may not be possible, but buying a ski jacket and pants is very expensive.

If you are just going for the day, it’s not worth it to buy expensive ski gear. The best option is wide-legged waterproof pants that can fit over ski boots. Generally, pants made for fishing or construction are cheaper and you can’t really tell the difference. In particular, this is ideal for those who are just learning to ski and will probably be falling a lot.

However, if you are a little more advanced, you probably don’t need waterproof pants. Korea doesn’t get enough snow to have deep powder fields and runs are normally short. You can just wear tight, flexible leggings that fit inside of the ski boots.

For your top, you can just wear a short padded jacket.

Equipment Rentals

Ski & Snowboard Rentals

For those who come from foreign countries to Korea to ski for the first time, it can be difficult to bring your own ski equipment and safety gear. Luckily, you can rent everything you need.

Ski equipment rental has two options, Ski and Snowboard. But in Korea, skiing is more popular than snowboarding. The price of renting ski equipment for the whole day is about 55,000 won per set.

Also, note that if you have larger calves, there are some ski hills in Korea that might not have boots that fit. If you find this to be the case, be prepared to switch to snowboarding. Snowboarding boots are more flexible.

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment including helmets and goggles can also be rented along with specialized clothing. However, usually, people will not wear helmets, only wool hats. However, goggles are a must! Remember to use this protective equipment to not only protect you from unnecessary accidents but also to help protect your eyes from sunlight, strong wind, and cold air!

You can take a look at the price of this ski resort for more details on the rental prices of each item.

Other Expenses to Consider When Skiing

In addition to transportation and food costs, there are also costs that may arise when you go to the ski areas such as:

Some ski areas have cable cars that you will need to take to access the area. This can cost an additional 30,000 to 80,000 Won per person.

You may want to take classes if it is your first time skiing. Classes are normally cheaper as more people participate.

Ski areas in Korea often have observatories, cafes, and activity centers that can add extra expenses to your trip.

Usually, ski resorts are in rural areas and public transportation may end earlier in the day than in other parts of Korea. So, be aware of the difference and book accommodation ahead of time is needed. During peak season, it can be fully booked months in advance.

You may find that there will be a lot of costs that can be incurred when going to the hill, so be sure to prepare a little more than required. Enjoy your ski trip this winter!

If you’re new to skiing, Click Here for a first-timer’s guide!

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