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3 Apps for Buying Winter Clothes in Korea

Koreans are known for being well-dressed even when they are just going to the grocery store. It is very common for foreigners to end up changing their styles as well after spending some time in the country. Contrary to what people may think, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to look stylish in Korea. We already have a post dedicated to clothes shopping apps, but since we are amid the coldest season of the year, this time I wanted to show you my top choices for buying winter clothes in Korea.


By far, this is my favorite place to buy things at the end of the year. Ably is full of unique pieces that are peak Korean style – whether it is chic, cute, or boss lady. The app’s algorithm works really well by itself – you don’t even have to answer questions about your personal style, it just understands very quickly what you like. 

The good thing about Ably is that it serves all tastes. You can find clothes you like at a cheap price but the store also sells luxury brand products. So, if you want to avoid fast fashion it still works perfectly for you. 

The reason why I choose this app, especially for the winter season, is that by the start of November, they gave a lot of coupons and individual discounts too! We already have a lot to buy at the end of the year and the high price of winter clothes do not help. So, having discount coupons is really useful, don’t you think?

To top everything off, in general, the orders arrive pretty quickly and there normally aren’t shipping fees.


Since I presented Abbly, an app that brings clothes with a diverse price range to you, let’s talk a little bit about an actual brand store. 29CM is my favorite South Korean fashion brand. It is amazingly stylish. It looks incredibly chic and fancy. However, the price is a bit higher than the previous app, but the price for the clothes is really fair. Quality, beauty, style, and a good price. What else could you ask for?

29CM also has a website that has an English version, which helps a lot if you are not that familiarised with the Korean language. By the way, the Korean system as a whole can be very different to what you are used to. 29CM knows that and, thinking about their international customers, they created a platform that is very much Western-orientated! 


Ok, but what if you want to have the opportunity to have a really nice, luxury brand coat but don’t have the money to buy a brand new one? Fear not, for many Koreans are also in the same situation. And to solve the problem, there is Karrot. It is the most famous app in the country where you can sell and buy second-hand stuff. 

Karrot is capable of sending you notifications whenever people around your neighborhood post a product you showed interest in. Since it is very used by Koreans, you can find pretty much everything there!

Worried about its customers’ safety? Karrot only allows people to sell and buy products from others who live near them – that way you have to meet in person to exchange the orders. So you are always sure about how the products look and feel before completing the purchases. 

Sounds good, right?


There are a lot of places, online shopping malls, and apps where you can buy winter clothes. And to be honest, Korea is one of the best places if you want to look more stylish. These ones are my picks if you want price, quality, and practicality altogether! And at times like this, when the temperature drops so much so fast, there is nothing better than a good price, quality, and practicality!

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