A Winter Walking Trail in Daejeon, South Korea

A Winter walking trail with an ice garden along its way is taking the interest of the people of Daejeon. And no wonder why. The clear and big ice towers that shine due to the sunlight, make you feel like in a ’Frozen’ movie.

That is the reason to why Sangso-dong Forest Park ㅡ 상소동 산림욕장 ㅡ is the perfect place to enjoy the winter atmosphere. And the reason to why we will introduce you to this place!

Now grab your luggages! Because once you see the amazing pictures that you can take in this park, you might want to go as soon as possible.

An Ice Park during Winter

As soon as you arrive to this place, you will be welcomed by the ice garden. Which starts from the forest till 300m in length.

These ice columns do not appear by themselves. In fact, it is made up by the park, using water from the surrounding valleys. Which are blended with hundreds of stone towers and wooden sculptures to make it as picturesque as it is.

Thanks to this, it has become like a winter kingdom. Where a lot of people visit per year to make good memories and enjoy the view. And of course, to take some pictures. Since they have a photo zone.

The Road to Beauty

Indeed, the ice columns add beauty to the road. Specially when it is a snowy day.

And there is also a wood path in which you can walk along the ice towers’ length. However, it gets slippery when it snows. Though you must walk there if you want to see them in a short distance. Because the main road is at a higher level.

In some ice towers, you can take a picture up close. But others, have a rope in front so you cannot get close.

The ones that you can take picture with, are in the beginning of the path. With this we mean the ones that you can reach.

A Winter Kingdom

Besides of being called like that because of the ice towers, it also got that name thanks to the fact that they look like the crystals of a huge gemstone.

The reason is that the ice is so clear, that it gets an emerald undertone due to the blue sky. Which also makes it shine brightly and look like jewelry. Not to mention, that these ice columns are tall and wide, which makes you feel that you are indeed in a winter kingdom. Such as the one in ‘Frozen’ movie. With this in mind, this is a winter walking trail in Daejeon that you must visit.

As a plus, the irregular shapes from the ice make them look interesting.

Yet this kingdom has its enemies, as seen in the picture below. You will find several signs warning you about the wild animals that are in the park. But do not worry! Nothing is likely to happen.


This ice garden usually lasts from December to the February. But how is it possible that the ice does not melt even when it is sunny?

That is because they keep spraying with water. And since the temperature is below zero, it does not defrost. Instead, the ice sticks to the surrounding objects, such as the trees. And by consequence, it becomes an ice column that keeps growing thanks to this.

Rest Areas

There are some traditional pavilions where you can rest. And also some benches around the park. Which makes it a great place to spend your day.

It is important to mention that there are public restrooms as well. With this in mind, you might want to go and stay there for a while. Plus, I can assure you that the ice garden looks amazing at any hour.

An Instagrammable Place

You can definitely take some great pictures!

And since it is a long path, you will not have to make long lines to get your perfect photo. Which makes it even better. Plus, it is indeed less crowded than the famous ice hills from Cheongyang (청양).

However, you must be careful. Since it is quite difficult to walk over the ice. Because of this, it is better to go when it just snowed. It is in fact more easy to walk in the snow.

I took these pictures in the morning. Which in my opinion, is the best time to take them. Because the sun does not hit you directly.

A Park with Nice Landscapes

The ice hills, in combination with the stones, create a rustic vibe. That is pleasant to the eye.

You will be able to find a lot of stones towers as well. Where you can make a wish!

In addition to that, there is more things to do and see. Because of this, we recommend you to walk around the park.


As we mentioned before, this place is located in Daejeon.

Address: 산1-1 Sangso-dong, Dong-gu, Daejeon

How to get there: From Daejeon Station, you need to take bus no. 501. And then, wait for 27 stops. After that, you will get off in ’산정마을’. From there, you must cross the street and walk straight until you see a car tunnel. When you do, you need to continue walking in the path you already are. Do not cross the street. And you will find it.


To summarize, this is a winter walking trail in Daejeon that you must visit! Because of the ice hills that make it look beautiful. And also, because it has more interesting things to see.

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