Jangtaesan Park

Jangtaesan Recreational Forest I: Relax and Heal Yourself

Jangtaesan Recreational Forest 장태산 자연휴양림 (815.855㎡) is the largest metasequoia forest in Korea and one of the 12 main tourist attractions of Daejeon. Its exotic scenery is perfect for escaping the city and immersing yourself in a peaceful and enchanting atmosphere.

The area has lodging facilities, sports and educational facilities. And don’t worry, because the place has a little bit for everyone: it is great for those who just want to enjoy nature; it has activities and playgrounds for kids; and it will also fit you, if you want to exercise and play sports.

Leisure and Healing in Jangtaesan

For those seeking peaceful and relaxing sightseeing and activities to recharge your body, this is the right place. Jangtaesan Forest is a 40 years old metasequoia forest, known for its therapeutic forest bath, that heals the body and refreshes the mind. Besides that, it also has hiking trails, stone massage trails, observatories and stunning landscapes.

Forest Bath 숲속 산림욕장

The trunks and leaves of the forest release some substances, like Phytoncide. They give the air, not only a delicious special scent, but also have great effects in humans. It relieves tension in the body and mind and helps restore our original biorhythm.

The best time to get yourself a forest bath is from spring to fall, between 10:00 and 12:00, during morning. Also, it is better to wear light clothes, to help your skin absorb the substances. And don’t forget to enjoy this moment with nature!

Hiking Trails 등산로

The mountain have lots of trails, with safe ropes, wooden stairs, signs etc. installed, to give everyone a nice and safe experience in Jangtaesan. You can find maps showing the trail options: there are the hiking trails, to go higher in the mountain, and the walking trails, that will be less tiring, closer to the base of the mountain.

One that deserves to be mentioned is the President’s Course. In 2018, President Moon visited Jangtaesan Recreational Forest and the course he did is now a popular one to try in the mountain. In this course you can find pictures of the President and follow through the exact path he did.

Observatory 전망대

After reaching one of the highest spots in the mountain, by the end of the hiking trail, there is an observatory. From this place you have a breathtaking view of the valley and of the Yongtaeul Reservoir and will be able to take the best photos.

Reflexology Foot Paths 건강지압로

A Reflexology Foot Path is a path full of round and smooth stones. It is designed to massage and activate acupressure points in our feet to regulate our energies and improve our health. People say that walking on these paths may hurt or not, depending on your current body health. Young, healthy people may walk with no problems, while others might find it pretty painful at first.

In Jangtaesan there are eight types of reflexology paths, with 2m width and 39m of extension. These are great to relieve stress and fatigue, and recommended for those coming from a busy urban life. For better results, you should walk on these trails with socks or barefooted.

Sky Tower 스카이타워 and Suspension Bridge 출렁다리

If the forest already looks incredible from the ground, imagine seeing it from above! There you can find a path that goes up, through the top of the trees and leads you to the Sky Tower and the Suspension Bridge.

The Sky Tower is a high platform next to the forest, that gives you a great view the mountain. It’s a good photo spot and there is a bench, so you can sit and enjoy the view before leaving. You can get to its top by walking a spiral ramp.

From the Sky Tower, the Suspension Bridge is right across the forest, and connects this forest area with the other side of the valley. It also gives you a good view of the forest and mountains and allows you to take marvelous pictures.

Both of these places close at night, rainy, windy and snowy days.

Ecological Pond 생태연못

This is a small pond of 1100㎡, where are five to six species of aquatic plants for you to observe. In addition, they have a wooden deck on it, making it a good place to take a stroll.

When to visit Jangtaesan?

The mountain changes during the season, with a pretty lively green color during summer and spring, the naked or snow covered trees during winter and the colorful autumn. In my opinion, the place is specially beautiful during autumn, when the whole mountain is painted in shades of red, orange and yellow and the weather is just perfect, fresh and still not too cold.

How to get to Jangtaesan?

  • Address: 461, Jangan-ro, Seo-gu, Daejeon
  • From Gasuwon Market Bus Stop (가수원시장), take the bus number 22 and get off at Jangtaesan Recreational Forest Bus Stop (장태산자연휴양림).
  • Follow the road for a while to get to the forest area.
  • This bus has intervals of 70 minutes.

For more information, check the ‘Jangtaesan Recreational Forest II: With Family and Friends’ or Jangtaesan Recreational Forest official website (in Korean only).

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