How I Enjoyed Christmas Eve with My Friend

Holidays season is greatly cherished all around the world. Especially the working class people tend to find these times relaxing and the families are always happy to be together and keep each other company. Christmas is one such occasion which befits the description. Everyone is excited be it children, teenagers, adults or even grown-ups. As a foreigner living in Korea, I would like to tell you how I enjoyed Christmas eve with my friend.

Christmas in Korea

I come from a background where Christmas is not celebrated with much enthusiasm. This is why I wanted to eagerly observe how people celebrate this day and how all the places light up with all the decoration send happy vibes all around.

So, early in the evening, one of my friend and I decided to not sit around and waste this holiday. We felt like going roam around and enjoying the holiday vibes and exploring the Garden five area of Songpa-Gu.

How to Get There

We started off from the Tous les Jours café near our home. There, we had coffee and took some pictures with the Santa Claus wishing us Merry Christmas. Then we head off towards the bus stop and took the 302 bus to Garden five. It was the more convenient of the options rather than taking the subway.

The merry vibes on the street

After reaching there, I was kind of amazed with the rush of people there. Children holding shopping bags full of gifts, new clothes and what not on this special day with their parents enjoying the season of holidays.

I tried to capture some pictures of this amazing feeling and managed to click some clean shots. I was excited to be there surrounded by nothing but happiness and merry vibes.

Garden Five in Songpa

Then we head in towards the mall where there was lighting all around. There were shimmering lights with so many different kinds of decorations and designs. People were enjoying these decorations and finding sweet spots to get pictures with friends and families.

There’s a huge chandelier sort of design of the ceiling. It was like a roof over the mall which has many different shades of colors and circulates. And it was kind of a unique design of the mall to cover the empty ground space between the various mall buildings. The mall buildings have various sections like electronics, households, daily needs, clothing etc.

The Ceiling

The Sculpture & Huge Christmas Tree

There were also hand shaped sculptures there. They looked quite fascinating!!

For Christmas and New Year’s, there was a humongous tree established at the center of the mall. It was decorated with lights, stars, snow-flakes shaped lightings, mini Santa Claus and many other kind of decorative stuffs. It was very amazing and well designed.

Since, we were there for exploring and not shopping, we just took pictures here and there with all the decorative things and pretty lightings. And then we went to the other side of the Garden 5 area.

Cute Rabbits

We crossed the road and came across many little and singled out decorative lighting figures. And those were really kind of romantic. And they made us realize that how lonely we were. But we shook off that feelings and decided to just get some pictures. And we had a lovely walk till the end of the garden that we will cherish forever. Because being away from home alone is worse than being away from home and having a friend to spend some time together.

Snowmen to take photos with

On this happy note, we went ahead and enjoyed our walk had some really good pictures and I had the time to get creative too and used my phone to get some good portrait pictures of my friend.

Final Thoughts

Then after roaming around the garden for a while, we decided to call it a day and head back home because it started getting colder. And it was time to enjoy good home made dinner with friends and wish Merry Christmas at home. I would like to recommend the Garden 5 at Christmas since it offers Christmas vibes with a huge Christmas tree and some sculptures.

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🇮🇳 Amitesh Sharma

Hi, I'm Amitesh, a 23 year old Indian Student currently pursuing my Master's Degree in Bionanotechnology at Gachon University in Bukjeong-dong. I'm a hobbyist photographer and I love to explore new places and click amazing pictures.