Where to Find Christmas Magic in Korea

Yes, Korea is not a country with Christmas traditions. The holiday is not celebrated anywhere to the extent it is in western countries. So, if you came to this article hoping to find something similar to your country, you might find yourself being a little bit disappointed. However, although it is different, there are some places in Korea where you can find yourself a cup of that Christmas magic we all love.

Christmas Magic in Korea

So, I am from Brazil which is in the Southern hemisphere. This means that I am used to celebrating Christmas in the summer.

For me, one of the best things about Christmas in Korea is that it is in winter. During winter, you get a beautiful and unique contrast between the darker and chiller weather and the warm and colorful atmosphere brought by fairy lights and all the Christmas decorations.

While it may be impossible to have your Christmas turkey here, thankfully the holiday’s aura can be encountered just as well as in any other country, if you know where to look.

Lotte World: Miracle Winter

The lights at the amusement park in Songpa-gu, Seoul,  will start their “Christmassy” season on November, 26th 2022, and go up until December 31st. Lotte World promises to offer incredible entertainment with a variety of shows throughout the evening in addition to the normal rides.

The festival’s special outdoor and indoor zones are its crowning glory. Outside there is the “Snow Palace”. The captivating palace is illuminated more brilliantly than at any other time. You can take pictures with Santa, Big Lotty, and his friends among the Christmas trees at the “Miracle Tree” inside!

Be honest and tell me, isn’t it the most beautiful Christmas setting you have seen at an amusement park?

Everland: Winter Wishes

You didn’t think Lotte World was going to be the only one to prepare something special for this season, right?

Every year Everland brings joy and magic through a fantastic display of lights and fireworks. They really know how to spread the Christmas magic. The main attractions are Winter Wishes, X-mas Fantasy, and Snow Buster.

At “X-mas Fantasy,” you can enjoy a variety of Christmas special performances, parades, and markets – which has to be this year’s highlight. Then, “Snow Buster” will allow you to sled in the snow! Although it will only open in mid-December, everything else will start on December, 3rd and go throughout the entire season!

Pocheon’s Herb Island Lightning Fantasia

Leaving the capital and going to Pocheon, there is the Herb Island Lightning Fantasia. Here you can see loads of LED lights inspired by the season. It gives the impression of being straight out of a fairy tale.

You can also take a walk through a 300-meter-long tunnel filled with wishing cards in an additional area called “Santa’s Village”. In addition, visitors can participate in hands-on programs like making herbal soap and candles, making pressed herbal flower crafts, making lavender pillows, and many more exciting activities!

Busan Christmas Tree Festival

The South also has some really interesting Christmas events that happen every year. Busan, for example, has been holding a Christmas Tree Festival for the past 10 years! This year, the event will start on November 27th and will go on until February 2nd.

The tree of wishes, various street performances, and a photo and video contest are just a few of the many festive and family-friendly holiday activities that will be held at the annual Christmas Tree Festival. Local visitors can also participate in the festival’s well-known carol singing contest and the daily Christmas concerts.

Daegu Miracle Winter Nights

The “Starlight Festival Christmas Fantasy” at Daegu E-World features dazzling displays of colorful lights – there is even a photo contest! The event has already started and will be going on until February 28th! If you are around you should definitely check it out!


These are one of the many many events you can find in Korea to experience some Christmas magic. Being different from what we are used to doesn’t mean it is bad, go out and explore South Korea’s Christmas season!

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