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Thai Aesthetic Restaurant in Daejeon: Chiang Mai Bangkok

There are tons of Thai restaurants out there in Korea. So, what makes Chiang Mai Bangkok restaurant stand out from the rest? Personally, I love Thai food, especially the food in this restaurant. But I don’t just come here for the food, I fell in love with the ambiance of this restaurant. Chiang Mai Bangkok brings me this soothing nostalgic feeling that is hard to find elsewhere. Lastly, this restaurant is only available in Daejeon!

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Menu and prices

The menu is published in both Korean and English. However, the descriptions are only in Korean. This may present some difficulty for expats who have limited Korean and are unfamiliar with Thai food.

The price is not cheap, but it’s not too expensive either. All I can say is that you get what you pay for and it totally worth a try. The price range is from 15,000 won to 28,000 won for food. For beverages, it is around 5,000 to 8,000 won ranging from non-alcohol drinks like coffee to alcohol such as cocktails or beer.

The diversity of food here impressed me when I first came here the first time. The food ranges from rice and noodles to curries and salads. Additionally, the food here is well presented with a complex mixture of flavor wrapped up in just one bowl of food. Keep in mind that most of the food here is a little bit spicy. And so, if you are not a big fan of spicy food, the foods here might be a challenge to you. Don’t worry too much though because I promise the food won’t let you down. 

One of my favorite dishes here is Tom Yang Kung with Egg and rice. The soup is a great mixture of coconut-based soup with a touch of seafood seasoning. The egg goes well with a whole dish as it enhances the wonderful flavors.

The Exterior of Chiang Mai Bangkok

The only disadvantage of this restaurant is that it is located in a dark run-down area. It is maybe a little bit difficult to find it since it’s hidden. But the moment you find it and enter the restaurant, you will realize that it is an oasis amid a tired neighborhood.

The area is swamped with bamboo trees and a refreshing smell coming from the fountain. The small fountain is a unique feature that sets this restaurant aside from other Thai places. After the fountain, you can find a rock-embedded pathway leading to the entrance of the restaurant. Cool Instagram pictures can be taken even before you enter the restaurant!

The Interior of Chiang Mai Bangkok

As amazing as it is from the outside, the inside represents a different level of aesthetics. There is a statue of Buddha followed by a stream running across the center of the restaurant. They even put fake smoke that increases the mysterious ambiance of the place. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the heater usually doesn’t work so inside can be a little bit cold in winter.

Chiang Mai Bangkok ( 치앙마이방콕)

Address: 8, Cheolgap 3-gil, Dong-gu, Daejeon
Korean address: 대전 동구 철갑3길 8
Operating Hours: Every day    : 11:30~21:00
                 Lunch order  : 11:30~14:15
                 Dinner order : 17:00~20:15
                 Break time   : 15:00~17:00

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