The Best Bread in Daejeon: Sung Sim Dang Bakery

As a foreigner, it is always a struggle to find good quality, European style bread in Korea. Korean bread is typically quite sweet and while delicious, it has never satisfied my cravings for a French croissant or baguette. So, where is the best place to find European-style bread? Sung Sim Dang.

Daejeon city is famous both as a scientific research hub and bakery heaven. The city has endless bread shops offering tasty treats at a reasonable price. Sung Sim Dang is the most iconic bakery in Daejeon where you will find the most authentic French croissant in Korea, as well as unique-style pastries.

How to get there

Sung Sim Dang is located in the city centre, close by to bars and restaurants popular with young people. If you come via subway, get off at Jungangno Station and head out exit 2. The bakery is just a few minutes walk from the subway exit and there is a large sign so you can find it easily.

What to choose

Once you are inside the bakery you will be astonished by extensive variety of bread options. In fact, It took me quite some time to decide which bread I wanted to try as everything looked so delicious and smelled divine. The bakery sells everything from European style bread like croissants, Korean style such as red bean bread to unique fusion style, the latter being the bakery’s signature.

Sandwiches in Sung Sim Dong bakery

I decided to go for a French croissant, as was the reason why I ended up going to this bakery in the first place. In addition, the staff recommended the soporo bread and sugar roll bread and so I picked those as well. The baguette sandwiches also looked also really good and were very affordable.

The Taste Experience

The Sung Sim Dang croissant may be the best croissant that I have ever tasted in South Korea. The chocolate just melts in your mouth! The soporo bread was also really tasty, but the sugar bread roll reigned supreme this time around. I will be going back again just for that!

Soporo bread in Sung Sim Dang bakery

This bread hunting experience was really enjoyable and has truly satisfied my cravings for good quality and affordable bread in South Korea. If you’re craving authentic European bread or wanting to try something completely different, Sung Sim Dang bakery in Daejeon is the place to go. You won’t regret it!

🇲🇦 Soumaya Ezazaa

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