The Garden of Morning Calm – A Flowery Tale

Blossoming flowers and floral scents combined in the most captivating way is what describes the Garden of Morning Calm. Read more to find out about this beautiful site.

Where is The Garden of Morning Calm located?

The Graden of Morning Calm is a living botanical garden situated in the east of Seoul, in the Gapyeong district of South Korea. The garden is a tourist-favorite spot, and nearly 600,000 people visit it every year. It is currently home to almost 5000 plant species. Some rarely found and endangered plants are also a part of this beautiful garden, spread on 300,000 square meters. The garden has 20 different sections, all having different themes. In addition, the design of the garden is an insight into South Korea’s unique and elegant culture. It also shows the love of the Korean people for arboriculture and flower plantation.


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History of The Garden of Morning Calm

Professor Sang-Kyung Han came up with the idea of forming an internationally famous botanical garden in South Korea, in 1993. He thought of the idea while visiting gardens abroad, during his time as an exchange professor in the US. Therefore, he founded the Garden of Morning Calm, and opened it on 11th May 1996, as a private garden.

How was The Garden of Morning Calm named?

The famous Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore called Korea ‘the Land of Morning Calm.’ The name of the Garden of Morning Calm originated from there. In truth, it seems like a perfect fit for the calming and serene place.


How to reach The Garden of Morning Calm?

Starting from Seoul, you can reach the Garden of Morning Calm by a combination of various modes of transportations. You can also join a city travel tour for a better-planned trip. Or you can travel alone, or with your friends or family. 

You can reach Cheongpyeong (a town in the east of Seoul) through a 40 minutes train ride. The train could be taken from Sangbong station in Seoul, and the ride ends at Cheongpyeong station. From Cheongpyeong station, you have to walk 10-15 minutes to get to the Cheongpyeong bus terminal. After that, you can easily take a bus from there to get to the garden. It is also a 2-hour car drive to the garden from Seoul.



What are the best things in The Garden of Morning Calm? 

Although the whole of the place is worth seeing, some things in it should be on your priority list, when you get a chance to visit it.

Rose of Sharon Garden

The rose of Sharon Garden is home to more than 200 different kinds of Roses of Sharon. The Rose of Sharon is also the national flower of Korea.

Millennium Juniper

The Millenium Juniper is situated in the center of this beautiful Garden. This juniper tree is around 1000 years old.

Herb Shop

The herb shop sells various herbal, aromatic, and organic products to people visiting the garden.

Conifer Garden

The Conifer Garden is a collection of 20 different kinds of conifer trees. A miniature railway track runs through the garden and children, specifically, like it very much.

Apart from these places, other places like the Herb Garden, the Pond Garden, the Hometown Garden, and the Wildflower Garden in the are completely serene. In addition to exploring, you can also eat in various traditional Korean restaurants and coffee shops there. Apart from the herb shop, you can also buy souvenirs from the flower shop and the gift shop.

Festivals held at The Garden of Morning Calm

The picturesque Garden is home to many yearly festivals.

Lighting Festival at The Garden of Morning Calm

The Lighting Festival is the biggest festival of lights in South Korea. The December-March festival brings out the beauty of the garden in a whole new way. It snows and after the sunset, the lighting all over the place begins to glow and shine. Different illuminated artworks and sculptures are also placed in the garden. The festival attracts visitors from all over the world. 

Spring Festival at The Garden of Morning Calm

The Spring Festival is held every year in April. Flowers and plants bloom all over the garden, and the ground represents a colorful palette. Moreover, tourists visiting the place can participate in different craft programs and exhibitions. 

Several other festivals are also held throughout the year at the garden. Iris Festival, Hydrangea Festival, and Rose of Sharn Festival are held in the summer and Maple Festival is held in the autumn season. 

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter in which season you decide to tour the Garden of Morning Calm. In other words, it’s worth visiting at any time of the year.

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