Incheon, first-ever “city of light,” to host magical evening drone show in May

Korea’s first-ever “city of light” (designated city for “nighttime tourism”), Incheon is ready to offer a variety of new, fun-filled tourism programs available during the evening hours.

Incheon Metropolitan City (Mayor: Yoo Jeong-bok) and the Incheon Tourism Organization (President: Baek Hyun) announced that the two organizations are hosting multiple different nighttime events, including a multimedia drone show and the “Chefood Bus-chellin” program, to offer tourists visiting Incheon a night to remember.

Incheon Songdo International City, Open Port, and Wolmido, were chosen as the nation’s first city districts specializing in nighttime tourism back in September of last year. Accordingly, Incheon has been busy developing and promoting new nighttime tourism programs, which the City expects to continue until 2025.

Getting things under way will be a multimedia drone show in May. The multimedia drone show will light up the night sky near Songdo Central Park (four sessions: May 3, May 13, May 17, May 27) and feature fantastic programs led by 500 drones flying high in the sky, and also drones on water and performances on the water stage inside the Park for an unforgettable night out.

On May 17, a concert will get under way with about 1,000 drones in connection with the 2023 Korea Drone Urban Air Transportation (UAM) Expo, and busking performances will be available across Songdo, Open Port, and Wolmido at the same time to offer tourists visiting Incheon in the spring season a truly special experience.

For those looking for a more dynamic experience, Incheon is offering the Songdo Marble Walk. On May 27, tourists will get a special chance to walk along Songdo Central Park and immerse themselves in the Park’s magnificent nightscape.

Meanwhile, to support Incheon as a “city of light,” the Metropolitan City Government will begin “Chefood Bus-chellin,” the first-ever dining program on the move in Korea aboard a double-decker bus. The program is expected to run from April to June this year.

“Chefood Bus-chellin” is a unique restaurant run by Lotte Wellfood where passengers can enjoy a fine dining experience inside a double-decker bus and enjoy various attractions, including the beautiful nighttime view of Incheon’s streets and various performances. From November of last year to January of this year, season 1 of the “Chefood Bus-chellin” program featured Seoul as the host city. The program proved to be a massive hit with all reservations being filled in just seconds of becoming available. Season 2 will feature Incheon as the host city. Travelers can enjoy fine dining while taking in the beautiful night view in Incheon, the first city in Korea designated for nighttime tourism.

The “Chefood Bus-chellin” program will open for lunch and dinner every Tuesday and Thursday from April 25 to June 25. This interesting-looking double-decker bus will give passengers the unique experience of traveling on a bus, appreciating Incheon’s nightscape from Cheongna International City Station to Central Park via Cheongna Lake Park, and enjoying a great meal and delightful performances at the same time.

Kim Chung-jin, the Director of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said, “Incheon, Korea’s city of light, will offer tourists fantastic drone shows that will light up the night sky, and the Chefood Bus-chellin program, where they will be able to enjoy the fantastic skyline of Incheon at night all the while enjoying some fine dining and performances on a unique double-decker bus.” Kim added, “We will continue to develop a more diverse and creative range of nighttime tourism programs to give locals and tourists something truly special to experience and enjoy.”

Source: Incheon Metropolitan City

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