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Lotte World Tower – World’s 5th Tallest Building

South Korea is not only a home of some of the biggest traditional markets in Asia, but it also has some of the tallest and unique skyscrapers in the world. These skyscrapers are proof of Korea’s rapid economic growth in the last few decades. And now, Korea’s “Lotte World Tower” has become one of its prominent landmark that attracts thousands of tourists every year for it is the 5th tallest building in the world. 

Seoul Lotte World Tower is a perfect example of how far humanity has reached in advancement as it’s an amazing hybrid between the natural world and the modern technology comprising the world. This tower is situated at 300 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Everything needed for modern urban living is in this and surrounds this tower.

Surprisingly, the Seoul Lotte Tower is 123 stories tall, making up about 555m in the air. One of Korea’s most famous and tallest observation decks is situated at 500m of this building.

The following features are breath-taking of this Seoul Lotte World Tower

Lotte World Tower Features

  • Asia’s famous luxury landmark hotel is situated there; Signiel Seoul
  •  It’s got a multipurpose space; podium and a lobby, which is quite interesting.  
  • There’s a whole mall present in Seoul Lotte World Tower. Inside it is the world’s 3rd largest urban duty free store. It’s also Korea’s first largest, attracting its own civilians too.
  • There’s a whole bunch of international cuisine and worldwide brands of clothing, perfume, makeup, shoes and bags and what not available in there. The food world is absolutely different and stammeringly beautiful, comprising thousands of different kinds of dishes at once.
  •  Various shops of high-end electronics, mega mart offering lifestyle items and foods.
  • Urban aquarium of Korea is in Seoul Lotte World Tower.
  • Korea’s first music/concert hall which is not like the rest in a way that it’s vineyard like classical hall, is also in there.
  • Lotte Cinema; Asia’s largest cinema/ theater is in Seoul Lotte World Tower.
  • Every year, Lotte Tower also holds annual fireworks show illuminating the whole sky with colorful fireworks.

Also, there are more facilities such as a gym; fitness center, health care center, financial center and other multipurpose space to entertain its visitors.

What you can do at the tower

Korea conducts festivals and ceremonies of different kinds there, make sure you check the date and timing of them so you too can live your best moments once you go to visit this tower.

As mentioned earlier, brands from all over the world are available there so shopping is a must there. If you’re planning to go to Seoul Lotte World Tower, you have to save up some coins for shopping because you just won’t stop.

The park, the natural habitat outside the mall is one of a kind! You can do free of cost picnics there or just sit around and observe the beauty of God in nature and the beauty of man in this giant tower from the ground.

There’s unlimited entertainment at Seoul Lotte World Tower, make sure you get to enjoy it thoroughly.

Seoul Sky – Observatory Deck

If you visit Lotte Tower, one of the must things to do is going to the Observatory Deck called Seoul Sky. Why? Well, it is the 3rd highest observatory deck in the world.

Seoul Sky was opened in April 2017 and it is located on 117-123 floors of the building. It offers a beautiful panoramic view of the entire city, and if the sky is clear, you can also get to see the city of Incheon.

The best part of the observatory deck is the glass floor at the 118 F. Standing and walking over the floor is would give you goosebumps and if you are afraid of heights, probably that’s not the kind of thing you’d like to do. You can find out more breathtaking pictures of the Seoul Sky at Lotte World Tower here.

Ticketing price of Seoul Lotte World Tower

KRW (Korean Won) is 27k for adults at the Seoul Sky Observatory. And it’s 24k KRW for children whereas KRW 50k for Fast Pass.

To reserve your tickets online, please visit this website.

How can you go there

Plan a trip with the authentic and organized tour guides, they’ll surprise you with the assistance they provide. Make sure you take your friends and family with you to make the best memories.

Jamsil Station (subway lines 2, 8)

Take exit 2 or 11. Lotte Tower is located at roughly 5 min. away on foot.

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