Best Everland Hotel: Art In Motel

Looking for the best Everland hotel? Art In Motel is the place to go! This place is in a fantastic location, has great amenities, and is affordable. Be sure to hurry up and book a room as soon as possible before space runs out!

Checking In

We arrived at our Everland Hotel, Art In Motel at around noon. After taking the bus from Seoul, we were happy to find that the hotel was just a three-minute walk from the bus stop. It was very easy to find, even in very foggy weather.

Our check-in went very smoothly. We were greeted by a welcoming staff member who spoke decent enough English for those who don’t speak Korean to comfortably check in. He handed us our key and welcome packages and we headed up to our room.

When the elevator opened on the fourth floor, we were greeted by cheerful sunflowers and bright colors. It was so nice to see, as outside it was a bit of a dreary day.

Our Room: First Impressions

When we entered our room, we were stunned. There were so many extra amenities for such an affordable place!

The first thing I did after setting my bag down was jump into the massage chair. It was just what I needed after a morning at the office and the bus ride over!

Meanwhile, my friend made a straight line toward the arcade game machine. She had so much fun playing retro games!

Our Room: Amenities

Our room at the Everland hotel, Art In Motel had far more amenities than we were expecting. Here is a list of the highlights:

1.Massage Chair
2.Retro Arcade Game
3. 2 PCs
4. Big Screen TV with Netflix
5. Jacuzzi Bathtub
6. Microwave, Toaster, Kettle, Fridge, and Freezer
7.Fully Stocked Makeup & Hair Counter
8. Blow-dryer & Straightener

There was everything we could possibly need and more! It was so nice to come to a place where I didn’t have to pack every little thing I needed to get ready for the day.

We were also happy with the number of free items that came with our room reservation. Inside of our welcome package there was a tooth brush, toothpaste, feminine cleanser, soap, body wash, a hair tie, soap, and a face mask. There was also some juice, soda, tea, coffe, and ramen waiting for us in our room.

Finally, in the bathroom, there was a blue powdered bath bomb and some special Japanese soap.

Surrounding Attractions

One of the best things about this place is that Art In is one of the closest hotels to Everland and Caribbean Bay, that isn’t in the middle of nowhere. It is an easy 45-minute direct bus to the front gate of the amusement park.

However, Art In is not only the best Everland hotel. It is also the best hotel for visiting the city of Yongin and its surrounding attractions. Within 5 minutes’ walking distance of the hotel, there are a ton of things that you can do! Here are some of the places nearby that my friend and I visited.

Best Maratang Ever

When we arrived at our Everland Hotel, Art In Motel, we were pretty hungry. So, we stopped at the first restaurant outside the hotel. Directly across the street, we found maratang place. Maratang is a spicy soup that originated in China and is super popular here in Korea.

The friend who was with me is from Hong Kong, and has been eating maratang her whole life. She said that it was one of the best she’s ever had, and definitely the number one maratang she’s had in Korea.

Old West Themed Cafe

After having an amazing lunch, I was craving something sweet and was desperately in need of caffeine. We began the hunt for a cafe and were surprised to find an absolute gem.

Frank Coffin’ Bar was just a few minutes away from Art In Motel by foot. It was so dark and moody, I fell in love with the place immediately. Their signature coffees were also great! Both were just the right amount of creamy sweetness.

Traditional Market

After a caffeine boost, we had enough energy for a walk around the area. We quickly found the local traditional market. At the market, they had everything you could imagine. Some of the highlights that set this market apart from others were the craft section and the sundae and pig feet street.

On the craft street, you could see local vendors making their products. There were woodworkers making cutting boards and tables, a few people sewing, and quite a few potters. It is a great spot to pick up some souvenirs and support artists.

The next unique section of the market was the pig feet and sundae street. Pig feet are a bit of a delicacy here in Korea and can get quite expensive. However, here it was fresh and a reasonable price. I also recommend trying sundae (Korean blood sausage) here. It is one of Korea’s most popular street foods. At this market, you can see people making the casings and filling them right in front of you which is quite rare in modern times.

Riverside Walking Path

Another highlight of the area was the riverside walking path. Unfortunately, it was raining during our afternoon in Yongin, so we couldn’t go down right next to the river. However, it was so beautiful! We could see cranes catching fish below us as we crossed over the bridges.

Plus, the city’s mascot is this adorable river dragon which can be found all along the river’s pathways.

For Next Time

As we were walking along the river, we also came across some information on a stamp course for attractions in Yongin. If you collect all of the staps, you can get some prizes and a certificate.

If the weather is in your favor, this is a great way to travel round Yongin and also get some free stuff along the way. Afterall, Yongin is a lot more than Everland, but its other attractions are often overshadowed.

How to Book

Now that you know about all the adventures that awate you, are you ready to book your stay? Thankfully Everland Hotel, Art In Motel is avalible on many different sites for easy booking.

How to Get There

Art In Everland Hotel from Seoul

The easiest way to get to Art In Motel from Seoul is by bus. Red Bus number 5005 begins at Seoul station, passes through gwanghwamun square, then turns to go down past Jonggak, Myeongdong, and Gangnam.

You can get off at the Yongin Traditional Market market bus stop (용인시장). From the bus stop, you simply need to cross the street and go down one block. On the corner you turn down, you will see ABC Mart, an optometrist, and a maratang restaurant.

Art In Everland Hotel from Everland

From the Everland bus stop, there are two direct buses to Yongin Art In Motel. You can take either 66 or 66-4. Both buses are light green.

You can get off at the Yongin Traditional Market market bus stop (용인시장). From the bus stop, you simply need to cross the street and go down one block. On the corner you turn down, you will see ABC Mart, an optometrist, and a maratang restaurant.

Art In Motel (아트인모텔)

Address: 5 Geumryeong-Ro 107Beon-Gil CheoIn-Gu, Yongin, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea
Korean address: 경기 용인시 처인구 금령로107번길 5 아트인모텔

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