Skyline Luge Tongyeong

Tongyeong Skyline Luge – A Thrilling Ride Amidst the Breathtaking Views

Tongyeong is best known for the most beautiful natural attractions in Korea. Some of the popular natural attractions are Saryangdo Oknewbong, Yeonhwado Yongmeori, Hallyeo National Marine Park, and Mireuksan (or Mount Mireuk). Consequently, one of the fun yet thrilling way to enjoy nature in Tongyeong is by visiting an equally notable attraction, which is the Skyline Luge.

Yes, Tongyeong Skyline Luge is the right place for those who wish to spend their weekend with adventurous activities. With blissful sceneries and fun-filled outdoor activities, Tongyeong Skyline Luge gives a wonderful experience for adventure seekers.

Background of Tongyeong Skyline Luge

Skyline Luge Tongyeong sits directly below the Hallyeosudo Cable Car which takes visitors to Mt Mireuksan and offers stunning views across Tongyeong City, the sea, and surrounding islands. The first attraction of its kind in South Korea, Skyline Luge offers a fun-filled outdoor experience that is suitable for riders of all ages and experience levels. In addition, the Skyline Luge is a unique wheeled-gravity ride that provides riders full control over their descent on a purpose-built 3.8km Luge track.

Apart from that, Skyline Luge Tongyeong has been named as one of Korea’s 100 Must-Visit Tourist Spots! This accolade is a tremendous achievement for Skyline given the attraction has only been open since 2017.  Furthermore, it was also the only tourist spot to make the list representing Tongyeong City.


This skyline luge consists of the skyride and the luge ride. You can reach the Luge start zone through the skyride, where you jump on-board your Luge cart and zip down the track.

The Skyride

The Skyride provides a scenic adventure and gives you a bird’s eye view of the Hallyeo National Marine Park and hundreds of the islands dotting the coastline. You will be taken up to the start of the luge track via a 5-seater chairlift through this Skyride.

The Luge

Skyline Luge is a unique wheeled gravity ride that provides riders full control over their descent on purpose-built track. The tracks are all designed with hairpin corners, long straights, and exciting slopes to maximise the thrill and the fun.

Furthermore, the Luge carts have been specifically designed to be safe and easy to use. Children over 110cm tall can ride the Luge alone and children who are 85cm – 110cm in height can be accompanied by their guardian.

Not only that, the luge consists of 4 different trails which are legend, ultra, gravity and express which covers are whopping 3.8km.


Prices and Operating Hours of the Skyline Luge

The prices for the Skyride is included in the ticket.

2 Luge Rides₩21,000/ Person
3 Luge Rides₩25,000/ Person
4 Luge Rides₩29,000/ Person
5 Luge Rides₩32,000/ Person
Child Doubling₩2,000 per ride

Tickets can be purchased directly at the counter or via online. For online purchases, you can use apps such as WAUG.

The Skyline Luge is operated daily from 10am to 5pm.

Getting Here

Address: 178 Balgae-ro, Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnamdo, South Korea

The Skyline Luge is also accessible via bus and taxi.

Further Information of the Skyline Luge

For those who are in Korea, do not miss this chance to enjoy one of the most adventurous rides in the world. For further information, please click here.


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