An Unforgettable Journey to Yeosu

I have frequently traveled throughout the South Korean peninsula during my stay. But, if I had to single out the best destination to travel to, it would be none other than Yeosu. I loved the calm and peaceful environment as it is not a densely crowded city. Usually, roads seem deserted except for the visitors, most of whom are foreigners. There are a few local people who work or do their businesses.  It makes the city multi-cultural and full of colors throughout the year. The city is the perfect combination of a crystal blue beach, awesome hiking tracks, unique aquariums, mysterious art galleries, and much more. 

History of Development of Yeosu

Yeosu is situated on the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula in South Jeolla Province. The city has historical roots but it was modernized for the world expo 2012. At the expo, the issues of global warming were highlighted for the first time in history on the 30th Anniversary of the Opening for the signature of UN conventions on the laws of the Sea was held. This expo center has been used for so many educational and cultural activities and events. 

Hotels and Restaurants

Yeosu is also famous for its lavish and historic seafood restaurants and marketplaces. You can eat live squid, starfish, crabs, jellyfish, and anything under the sea. Besides the many kinds of seafood, there are many traditional Korean foods, fast food, and some international food chain restaurants as well.

Hotels like Venezia, SONU calm, and Ramada built on the bay of Suncheon Sea are worth staying in. They have all the lavish facilities – like rooftop swimming pool saunas, spas, and massage rooms. The rooms at the Venezia hotel give you a soothing look of water, and you feel like living inside the sea. The restaurants I tried for seafood are Dada Korean Seafood, 정다운식당, Yeosu Nagmanhang, and, Minhang. If you are a seafood lover it is the ideal place to come, including the raw seafood market. Best of all, there are so many Halal options!

Our Conference Tour

First Day in Yeosu

After these details I would like to share my journey to Yeosu from 22 to 24 June 2022, to attend the International Conference for “Re-thinking the Public Administration in the ERA of Great Transformation”.

There I presented my research paper on Big data for government services, for which I will write a separate article. The conference was arranged by KAPA. However, coming to Yeosu we arrived on the 22 of June in the afternoon. Then, we went directly to the Expo center as we had to present our research that afternoon.

It was an amazing experience to present at such a high-profile conference. After the session ended we had our dinner at a fantastic seafood restaurant. I tried dishes I have never tasted before as shown in the picture below. All the food seemed fresh and healthy. After dinner, we rushed to the hotel as we had such a tiresome but purposeful first day in Yeosu.

Venezia is a hotel built inside the sea where you can enjoy the limitless bluish-green water from your window. A view of ships voyaging makes the scene more beautiful. At the same time, I could see the hills nearby filled with clouds. All these landscapes make it look like paradise and I forgot all of my worries. The most unforgettable aspect of Venisia was the Water Level Restaurant. There we had the breakfast buffet while enjoying the musical waves of the water.

Second and Third Day in Yeosu

The second day was full of amusement and adventure. We have to take an open electric tram to Yeosu hill hiking track. It goes along the sea and you can enjoy the beauty of the scenery while hiking.

It took us 3 hours to climb and return and after that, we took the cable car to Odong Island. The island has an artistic view and a bridge that connects it to the city from the other side. The next day we visited the water reservoirs and filtration plants of Yeosu and then the Arte Museum Ocean.

Arte Gallery Museum

Yeosu Arte Museum is a true mystery. You have to pass from one mysterious area to the other. All rooms are dark and there are different shades everywhere. You can sketch a fish or any sea creature to put into 3D art as well. Overall, it was a dark place for photo shooting in a very artistic way. To read an article exclusively on Arte Museum Ocean, Click Here.

After That, we went to the Ocean Life Museum where hundreds of types of beautiful fishes are living.

Go to Yeosu!

I recommend all of you visit Yeosu at least once in your life. I wish my university would be in Yeosu so that I could enjoy this beauty and nature all of the time. After visiting this small city situated away from the noise, sound, and hustle and bustle of big cities, I have fallen in love with it. You are welcome to share your traveling experience in the review.

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