Asem Gundam Base

It is with regret that I must reveal a store quite sequestered from the public eye, much inclined to inspire the fancy of children even though it may exert great pressure on the purses of parents. It is the Gundam base of Asem. Some may perceive it as just another store filled with toys. But I say, as the name indicates, it is filled with models of the impending future and its objects, robots, or, Gundams.

Finding Gundam

The internationally famous Japanese robot, Gundam, has stationed its command center in the middle of Seoul. He is located two floors below the surface of the earth, as to evade any detection of hostile cohorts. Or, perhaps, to just save oneself from pecuniary restraints of rental dues. Whichever the reason may be, locating the base, without any rigorous research aided by the internet (Naver), would be nearly impossible.

First, locate Daiso in the Asem arcade. That national thrift store of Korea assists millions of lives with its affordable and adorable goods of civilization. And then, locate an escalator nearby that will transport you to the lower level. Go down a floor, and from then, locating the base of futurity shall be easy.

First Impressions

Having been exposed, in childhood, mostly to Taekwon Vs and Mazinga Zs, Gundams were considered a lucrative amusement and object of envy and jealousy at the time. Now, at a homeostasis stage, well into adulthood, one assumed an approach to the base with confidence and audacity only reserved for such a person of age, expecting to conquer those sentiments of old and those envious toys! However, I was mistaken.

At the sight of countless species of one of the most advanced nation’s inventions, I was completely overwhelmed and instantly wore that visage of just another awe-struck Korean boy. Of all sizes, shapes, colors, functions, and properties! These models of future machines were invented, manufactured, and were bewitching the minds of not just children, but captivated that of adults as well.

The Wonder of Gundam

Prices from mere ten of US dollars to daunting hundreds. How could manifestations of 1970s imaginations still generate revenues fifty years post-invention? And, in a foreign country no less. It must be quite an economic phenomenon that no Adam Smith may have predicted before. However, there I was, not only witnessing the mystery, but being the very cause and evidence of it.

My favorite was RG Gundams; simple in its weaponry and accouterments, modest in its paints, but with possession of a solid frame. It has adamant courage and confidence evinced through few belongings that attracted my attention, let alone the price most affordable.

It is highly recommended to present one or two Gundams to one’s child to protect the child from developing sentiments of jealousy and envy. Although, greed and desires of children are known to often subdue that of adults.. thus, I wish you parents all good luck.


서울특별시 강남구 삼성동 159 코엑스몰 B2 G203
513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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