K-Pop Merch Paradise in Hongdae: WithMuu

WithMuu is a K-Pop fans’ paradise in Seoul. Located in the neighborhood of Hongdae, WithMuu has a store that sells K-pop merch and a cafe in which you can live out K-Pop fan dreams.

The store

When I first entered the store, I knew immediately that I was in trouble. Not only do they have many albums, from groups and solo artists, but they also have a whole section with merch. Of course, you can find more merch for larger groups. Me being a Once (Twice fan), I had to control myself so that I wouldn’t burn a hole through my bank card.

However, I was surprised by the amount of merch being sold for small groups and solo artists. So, if you are a fan of even minor artists, even if you can’t find merch elsewhere in Korea you can probably find it here.

In addition, they have a whole wall with shelves dedicated to albums. I found the prices to be good. Searching on Coupang I did not see much difference. In fact, it was so similar in price that I debated purchasing upcoming albums here rather than going through the hassle of online purchases.

Another part I loved was the section totally dedicated to lightsticks. It was so nice seeing the sticks for each group being displayed at the front of the store. Normally, I could only see them in pictures online.

Now, other than the merch, I found many options when it came to photocard sleeves and stickers for decoration. I recommend getting some items from this section if you are planning to attend any K-Pop related events in Korea. At many K-Pop fan events, they give out photo cards. The photocard sleeves are a great way to protect and display them.

I am sorry in advance, but I cannot move on with this article before showing the random stuff that they have, like keyboards and silverware sets.

At the store, you can also take photos at photo booths inside. On the side of the booth, you can see a bunch of pictures of people who used the products of the store as accessories.

Lucky Draw

Lucky Draws are events in which you purchase a certain amount of tries on a machine that gives you photo cards. Depending on the comeback of the moment, you can try your luck at the machines in the front of the store. 

To learn more about lucky draw events in South Korea, Click Here!

The cafe

The WithMuu Cafe has some nice options for drinks, and also a bakery. You can enjoy the space after shopping. The best part for me was the big screen on one of the walls showing idols’ interviews and music videos.

The wall tables have outlets to charge your electronics, so for me, this was nice. I could also work while enjoying my drink with some music.

The prices are average for the cafe. The cheapest was Americanos at 3,800 Won. It goes up to 6,000 Won for a strawberry latte. As for baked goods they serve scones, cookies, and pound cakes. The first 3,300 Won and the other two were 4,000Won.



The WithMuu is definitely the K-Pop fan paradise. I did not leave the store empty-handed, and the only problem that I encountered was deciding which item to get.

The cafe is also nice, and it is fun watching people open their purchases at the table. I see many fans happy every time I go there.

WithMUU AK& Hongdae (위드뮤 홍대 AK&점)

Address: 2nd Floor, 173-12 Donggyo-dong Mapo-gu, Seoul South Korea
Korean Address: 서울특별시 마포구 양화로 188 AK플라자 2층
Opening Hours: 10:30 AM - 10:00 PM
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