Kpop Lucky Draw Events in Korea

Lucky Draw events are a gold mine for Kpop fans. At each event, you will have the chance to get official exclusive gifts and collectibles. Often, they are completely free. Plus, they allow you to interact with other fans in a store that takes on an entire theme related to your favorite idols. I had the opportunity to go to both Wonho and ATEEZ Lucky Draws. Here is some inside information on how to attend an event for yourself.

Offline Lucky Draw Event

Internationally, Lucky Draws are often online. Essentially they are giveaways meant to promote upcoming album releases. While online Lucky Draws are great, offline Lucky Draw events are the ultimate Kpop fan experience. Of course, short of meeting your idol face-to-face.

Offline Lucky Draw Events are held at common stores of coffee shops in Korea. However, they go all out for the event and put up decorations related to idols. They have posters, cardboard cut-outs and play the artists’ music.

These themed stores are collabs to promote idols’ album sales before release dates. Plus, it also helps small businesses gain new customers. Partnerships are formed between neighborhood coffee shops or brands and entertainment companies such as MAKESTAR, KTOWN4U, and SOUNDWAVE.

The idol decor is always temporary. And so, if you see a shop with a theme related to your favorite idol, go now! It might not be there after a few days.

Pre-Purchase Idols’ Albums at Lucky Draw Events

As Lucky Draw events are set up to promote idols’ album releases, their new albums are almost always available for presale.

When you go to a Lucky Draw event, you always have an incredible experience. You can meet other fans and be at an entire shop dedicate to your idol. However, the best part comes when you buy an album.

When you buy an album during a Lucky Draw event, you are guaranteed exclusive gifts. Often, the exclusive gift is a photocard. These cards are of higher quality and exclusive to the event. As they are only available in Korea, and for a short time, they are extremely rare.

Events usually last 1-2 weeks and you will only be guaranteed a freebie if you visit the store within the specified event period. It works on the same system as pre-sales gifts for albums: for each album purchased, you are entitled to one Lucky Draw.

For some events, you can also get freebies just for coming to the store. But, this is not for all events, so be sure to look at the event information.

Wonho Obssession Lucky Draw Event

After following Soundwave’s official Instagram account, I was able to find upcoming events. Most entertainment companies use Twitter to announce upcoming Lucky Draw events. And so, if you want to go to an event yourself, make sure to not only follow the artists, but also the entertainment companies.

I visited the Soundwave store that organized an event for Wonho Obsession’s new album. The entire store was decorated according to the album’s concept.

In addition to decoration and album sales, there were tables for fans who could spend some time chatting and watching videos of the artist. When I went, lots of people were trading photo cards and other Wonho-related merch

ATEEZ Fever Epilogue Lucky Draw Event

ATEEZ’s Lucky Draw event for the Fever Epilogue album was also uploaded on their entertainment company’s Twitter account. For this event, I had to make a reservation through Naver.

In addition to the fully decorated space, there was a photo spot that had been autographed by the members themselves! I was able to get a photocard and some people were lucky enough to get signed posters.

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If you could attend a Lucky Draw event which artist would you want to see? Let me know in the comments below!

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