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Han’s Deli: Affordable Meal Everywhere

Han’s Deli is a franchise where you can find many types of plates (and mixes of dishes!) for a cheaper price. Han’s Deli can be a good restaurant to find affordable meals everywhere. Since it is a franchise, you can basically search for it throughout Korea at any point. To this day, Han’s Deli has many stores from north to south of the country.


According to Han’s Deli’s website, the first store opened in 2004 in Seoul. And due to its uniqueness (with its different name) and service, it grew with its regular customers. To this point, Han’s Deli started opening more and more units.

Their goal from the beginning was to make affordable food because the owner believes that “you should make money with food”, but whether to make food to touch people’s hearts. From this idea, up to this day, we can get pretty good-priced deals inside the restaurant.

They are proud to say that because Han’s Deli does not follow trends, their stores can last for long periods of time. Their average working period is 8 years!


As mentioned before, Han’s Deli does not follow trends. This means that it can be as free as it wants with the menu. In their restaurants, you can find Western foods, like pasta, steak, and rice dishes, but also Korean dishes, like naengmyeon and tteokbokki.

My favorite thing is the combos though. They have pre-set combos with a little bit of a few dishes. For example, once I ordered a set of tonkatsu, carbonara pasta, and cheese fries. For me, this plate could serve three people, but it depends on how much of each you want to eat. The price for this combo specifically was around 15,000 Korean won at the time.

Their Instagram is also full of pictures of the dishes, which can be a nice start in deciding what to get. Check it out.

But as for their menu, my ultimate recommendation is the carbonara pasta that comes inside bread. The bread is perfect for this kind of use, and it holds a good amount of pasta inside. Their food, in my opinion, adapts pretty well to a Westerner’s taste, so I gladly returned to Han’s Deli a few other times.


I believe that when you are a student on a budget, cheap and good food is the best of both worlds. At Han’s Deli, you can find affordable meals everywhere. I am sure that its menu can satisfy a number of customers with its timeless recipe and ingredients. As a note, working hours and locations might vary depending on where you are, so try searching for “Han’s Deli” on Kakao Map or Naver Map tp find one closest to you as well as their working hours.

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