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How to Set Up Naver Pay

Naver Pay is one of the most common forms of mobile payment in South Korea. If you go to a cafe shop or convenience store, you will see signs such as“Discount if pay by Naverpay” or “Event with Naver pay”. If you have Naver Pay, you can get endless discounts and freebies. Plus, you can buy items online from small business owners with ease. However, not many foreigners bother to set up Naver Pay as it is all in Korean, and a bit complicated. But don’t worry! This article will smoothly guide you through the process of setting up Naver Pay.

First step: Verify Naver Account

In order to gain full access to Naver’s services, the platform requires users to verify their identities. You will need a phone number that is connected to a valid ARC. As a result, visitors to Korea will not be able to get Naver Pay. Only those with valid Korean visas or citizenship can get Naver Pay.

Even if you created your Naver account abroad, be sure to go to your account information and do the following once you are in Korea and setting up Naver Pay:

  1. Tick all Terms and Agreement items and fill in the empty boxes.  You need to make sure to choose “외국인” (Foreigner). 
  2. Choose your telecom provider, fill in your phone number and then click on the “인증” (certification) button to request a verification code. It will be sent through a text message. Input the verification code into the “Certification Number” box and click “확인” (Confirm).

*If you buy your sim card plan for a cheap monthly payment, chances are, your provider will be “알뜰폰 ”.

How to Set Up Naver Pay as a Foreigner


  1. A Verified Naver Account 
  2. A Korean bank account under your name. (Name needs to be EXACTLY as it appears on your ARC.)
  3. An Android or Apple iOS Smartphone with the banking app of your Korean bank. 
  4. Phone service from a Korean telecom provider – SK Telecom, Korea Telecom (KT), or LG U+. (Must be registered to name EXACTLY as it appears on your ARC)

STEP 1: Log in to Naver and open NaverPay

Go to your account in the Naver App, scroll down until you find Naver Pay, and open it. Tick all items (terms and conditions) and click on 서비스 시작하기 (Start Service).

STEP 2: Go to Register Account

페이설정 (Naver Pay Settings) > 계좌/송금 계좌 관리 (Manage Accounts) 계좌 등록하기 (Register Account)

STEP 3 – Fill out the form

Most of the information in the form (name, gender, birthday) will be there already if you verified your Naver account in advance. Fill in the rest of the fields and click 동의하기(Agree).

STEP 4 – Input account information

Select your bank from the list and type in your account number, then click on 다음 (Next).

STEP 5 – ARS Verification

Select ARS 인증 (ARS Verification) from the two options on the screen and click 다음 (Next).

Select 외국인 (Foreigner), then select your phone company and type your phone number. Click 다음 (Next).

You will see a 2-digit number on the screen. This is the number you need to enter when receiving an ARS (Automatic Response System) call.

The system responds automatically in Korean, but don’t worry if you can’t understand what it is saying. Just wait until it stops speaking and press the number you are given. After you’re done with verification, you need to press “ARS 인증 전화 완료” (ARS verification call done). 

STEP 6 – Bank Account Verification

Naver does one last check by sending 1 KRW to your account. The sender will appear in your transactions list as a sequence of letters (N followed by 4 others), so open your bank app to find that sequence.

Type those 4 letters that appear in the sender’s information on your account transaction history in the field on the screen, then click on “계좌 인증 완료” (Account Verification Complete).

STEP 7 – Check Account Registration

If your screen looks like this, congratulations! You have now set up Naver Pay with a bank account and you can click on 확인 (Confirm).


Now you have a Naver Pay account!! You can use Naver shopping to buy from Korean small businesses, book tickets, can access mobile pay discounts, and easily pay and earn rewards on food delivery sites!

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