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My Top 3 Piercing Stores in Seoul

Whether you have a belly button, ear, or nose piercing there are so many piercing stores for you to explore in Seoul. These are my top three piercing stores in Seoul.

Love of Piercing

I have a lot of perforations on my ears. It started as one on each lobe, but it has turned into a way of adorning my outfits and combining my clothes with my mood. Sometimes I don’t wear any jewelry with my clothes, but when I want to make a statement, or simply feel prettier, I go all in with all my earrings in position.

The thing is, I only brought so many to Korea. I thought I would never grow tired of the ones I was currently wearing when I moved to Seoul, so I didn’t bother packing –or even thinking about buying– different earrings. 

But, as time passed, and life came to be, I realized I wanted more than just keep on wearing the same earrings over and over again. And, in my very big shyness that takes over at the mere thought of speaking Korean, I turned to my old friend’s Instagram.

There’s no way that I could mess up while online shopping, so I set my mind to finding the best online piercing stores I could find, and buying the cutest earrings there, because, sometimes, a little gift to self is never too much.

1-1.2 Piercing

This store is one I had been following for a while. I just love to look at cute earrings being worn, so I tend to follow a lot of Instagram pages, and I have my own Pinterest board for piercing inspiration.

This page is for an on-site piercing store, but they post their amazing jewelry on their main Instagram page. I couldn’t find a website in which I could directly buy the earrings, but I could DM them and they replied fast and solved all my inquiries and questions.

Their style is something I really liked, and also the fact that they not only sell the jewelry but also pierce for a small fee made it all the more interesting for me. Their in-person store is currently in Gyeonggi, so if you want to visit them, click here to be redirected to their Naver maps website, or click here to be redirected to their Instagram homepage.

Coco Piercing Club

This online store offers the cutest yet edgy stylish piercings. They are all so cute, and good quality, that I had a lot of trouble containing myself and not buying everything. They sell their piercings in packets too, with four or five designs all in one, so you can combine them according to the aesthetic they sell.

They sell in person too, their store is located in Gangnam. Around that area are lots of other stores that you can check out, but after giving a look through the Instagram profile I fell completely in love with their designs, so I decided to try with a little purchase. I have nothing bad to say about them, and they are also nice and very clean –they pierce in their in-person store, too.

Click here to be redirected to their Instagram profile, or Click here to be redirected to their Kakao channel.

Sawol Piercing

But, if we are talking about aesthetics, then you should keep reading because this store that I am about to talk about is ah-ma-zing. Located near Isu station, line 4, in Seoul, this in-person store also offers online purchasing through their Instagram account, and their own website, too. 

I fell in love with this store in particular, because every piece of jewelry looks unique and different from the ones I used to wear regularly on my ears. Sometimes, when I wanna look cute and impressive with my piercings, I go straight for this store, you really can’t go wrong here. 

The colorful, joyful, and sometimes over-the-top cuteness of each earring makes them priceless, and wearing them will lift your mood and bring your way one or two compliments at least.

Click here to be redirected to their Instagram profile, and click here to be redirected to their website.

If you ever purchase from any of these stores, let me know! I would love to hear your own experience on this particular topic!

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