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10 Websites for Watching Korean Dramas with English Subs

Korean dramas are getting increasingly popular, with fans from all over the world tuning in to watch. I will be sharing some popular websites for watching Korean dramas with foreign language subtitles. The bulk of these sites are available for free, with subtitles in a variety of languages available. Here is a comprehensive list of websites where you may catch up on your favorite Korean dramas.

1. Viki

Viki or Rakuten is one of the most popular Korean drama streaming websites. This website features not only Korean dramas, but also Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Thai dramas as well.

They have a vast range of programming including both shows and movies of all genres. Viki offers free streaming. Simply create an account using your email, Facebook account, or Apple ID, and you can start watching thousands of episodes for free.

It also has a $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year membership option. Membership allows for first access, HD quality films, and seamless viewing with no irritating commercials.

If you are a regular contributor, you can get these Viki premium benefits for free for six months. The only issue with this website is that it displays a lot of adverts when watching the free content. You can escape these advertisements by paying to their website.

2. KissAsian

Fans of Korean dramas and films will be familiar with KissAsian. This is a film website that features Korean drama series and films in various genres, including romance, horror, and action.

It is the ideal platform for watching Asian dramas with English subtitles and dubbing. Aside from Korean dramas, you can also find films from Japan and China.

KissAsian has a unique category for K shows, allowing you to choose an appropriate drama quickly. They also arrange the available dramas and films in alphabetical order so that consumers can quickly find what you are looking for.

The site’s subtitles are updated practically instantaneously and are of high quality. This site is available in most places worldwide and is free to view without requiring a sign-in. This is the one I personally recommend the most.

3. iFlix

iFlix doesn’t have an extensive library, but it does have an excellent selection of enjoyable films and television shows.

Plus, it offers a great selection of Korean shows to countries that may not always have access. Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Maldives, Jordan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and others are among the nations that enjoy this service. Depending on where you are, the content changes.

You must first create an account with iFlix to stream or download material. The site has free content, but you can access even more videos without advertisements if you pay for the premium option. The premium plan is relatively inexpensive, costing only $2.50 per month.

4. AsianCrush

AsianCrush is a well-liked online streaming service among fans of Korean dramas. Around 1000 movies and series from various Asian nations are available on Asiancrush.

This website is exclusively available in North America and is entirely legal. Users can also upgrade to premium to avoid all adverts and get higher watching quality. The subtitles are simple to understand and have a solid vocabulary. While most Korean dramas on AsianCrush are free to watch, premium users have access to ad-free and unique content.

AsianCrush also divides dramas into categories such as thrillers, comedies, action, and mysteries. Before signing up for the premium service on AsianCrush, you get a one-month free trial. Some AsianCrush features require you to register and log in before using them, so you should create an account to get the most out of the AsianCrush website and all of its features.

5. Netflix

Netflix has a library of Korean dramas with excellent English subtitles and offers a high-performance service to consumers worldwide. Millions of TV fans around the world utilize it as the leading streaming website. The disadvantage of Netflix is that you must pay a monthly subscription cost to see Korean material. Netflix also offers offline viewing alternatives.

6. Hulu

Next on our list is Hulu. Hulu is a great option but is unfortunately only available in North America. If you are elsewhere, you can use a VPN to access it, but there may be some problems with payment.

Hulu is a paid subscription service starting from $5.99 per month. There is a  30 day free trial period during which you can enjoy a wide range of K-dramas and other content for free. You can watch content just like Netflix on your mobile devices or desktop. If you are in a country that has access, Hulu is a great website to watch Korean dramas.

7. Viu

Viu is available in Some countries in the Middle East, South East Asia, and Africa

This website is of good quality and has a large content repository. There is both a free and paid subscription option. The Korean dramas on this website are easy to find and have excellent audio-visual quality. Among the free K-Drama websites, it is regarded as the safest. Users who are hesitant to try unlicensed websites to watch Korean drama should surely check out this site.

8. New Asian TV

This website has a clear and sensible categorization of media resources. It focuses on popular and high-quality dramas and delivers them to you without the interruption of advertisements. Here you can pick your favorite drama to watch without going through any complicated procedures.

The unique aspect of this platform is that there are numerous comments beneath the watching page, allowing you to share your thoughts with other viewers.

9. Coupang Play

If you’ve got a membership for rocket Coupang then you watch Coupang Play for free. They’ve got a lot of Korean Drama that isn’t available on Netflix and other websites. However, the availability of English subtitles is limited. Some series have them but many don’t, which is the top complaint of users of this site.

10. WeTV

Another alternative website for watching Korean dramas online is WeTV. You can also watch Korean television live, as well as other reality shows and cartoons, for free!

WeTv is a great addition to the world of streaming services, as they upload information to their website at a blazing pace. Over a thousand Korean drama series and films are available to watch. This website also has more Asian dramas and flicks available. The app for this website is also available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. As a result, it may be used from a smartphone as well.

We’ve provided you with a detailed list of the most popular websites to watch Korean drama. Hopefully, wherever you are in the world, you are able to find an amazing platform to get started on developing your K-Drama addiction!

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