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If you visit Seoul, you definitely should go to themed coffee shops. The city has plenty aesthetic cafes that is worth the visit and of course, taking a lot of pictures. Zapangi, which means vending machine in Korean (자판기) is an Instagram-famous cafe that has an iconic pink vending machine door. Behind this door we can find a cute cafe with edgy concrete walls and neon signs.

The cafe is located in Mangwon-dong that is Hongdae’s next door. This neighborhood, that has its own traditional market, used to be a “poor part of Seoul”. However, now it’s becoming a rising hotspot since it’s full of cafes and restaurants that have Instagram-worthy decor and food.  

Zapangi became a trend on Instagram since a lot of influencers and tourists started posting pictures with its door. It’s possible to see sometimes a long line of people waiting for taking pictures on the instagrammable spot and you definitely will want to take yours too.

Surprise, surprise! Not only the space is aesthetic but also the pastries and beverages. First of all, they have cute cakes served in tin cans with mermaid tails sticking out and another dreamy dessert, the unicorn decorated doughnuts. Besides that, if you want something to drink, they have milk tea in cute glass bottles. You also can choose between different drinks including lattes, teas, and specialty lattes, which are seasonal.

The prices might be higher than average coffee shops but not more expensive than other trendy cafes. It’s worthy by the aesthetic and taste.

If you got curious about the menu and prices, I got some of them to you:


  • Black Coffee: 5,000
  • Milk Coffee: 5,500
  • Soy Coffee: 6,000
  • Bottle Latte: 6,000
  • Milk Tea (Original/Jasmine): 6,000
  • Milk Tea (Strawberry): 6,500
  • Soy Milk Tea (White Bean/Black Bean): 6,500
  • Ringo (Soda/Tea): 7,500

Specialty Drinks:

  • Aurora (Mocha/Choco): 7,500
  • Cream Latte (Toffenut/Strawberry): 7,500
  • Sakura Latte (Cherry Mocha/Cherry Choco): 9,000
  • Mermaid (Mocha/Choco): 9,500


  • Coffee Cake: 6,500
  • Sweet Potato Cake: 7,000
  • Dark Choco Cake: 7,000
  • Strawberry Cake: 8,500
  • Mermaid Cake: 9,500
  • Doughnuts: 5,000

How to Get to Zapangi

You can take subway number 6 (brown line) and leave the train at the stop Mangwon. Then take Exit 2. It’s about a straight 10-minutes walk from Mangwon Station (망원역).

  • Address: 400-2 Mangwon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • Daily: 10am -11pm

Would you like to visit this cafe? Let me know in the comments below!

🇧🇷 Natália Ceres Neves

Brazilian blogger and youtuber living in South Korea!