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Korean Y2K Fashion Trend: Dress Like a Street Women Fighter

With the rise of Street Woman Fighter, Korean Y2K fashion is becoming mainstream. American trends from the early 2000s can now be seen all over the streets of Seoul. Millennials prepare to cringe, Gen Z prepare to be amazed – bedazzled velvet sweatsuits and butterfly motifs lay ahead.

What is Korean Y2K Fashion?

The continued success of Street Woman Fighter and its spin-off sequel, Street Girls Fighter has led to not only an increased appreciation of street dancing but of daringly bold clothing featured in Korea’s street dance scene. People are flocking to dance studios for a chance to pick up even the most basic of hip-hop moves. In Korea, some even have the opportunity to learn from the stars of Street Woman Fighter themselves.

All a result of this K-Hip Hop craze, their unique clothing style is hitting the mainstream. Korea is waking up to a genre of clothing colloquially referred to now as tough sister style or  American sister style. However, overseas, this style is most commonly referred to as Y2K fashion. Which is aptly named after the resurgence of trends from the early 2000s.

But what is Y2K fashion? Think Juicy Couture velour tracksuits, low-waisted, hip-baring bottoms, and items blinged out with sparkly hotfix. It’s the very style you can find members of LaChica and Coca N’ Butter wearing on the daily. 

Here are some of the Korean clothing brands that form the backbone of these Y2K trends in Korea. The brands reinterpret this up-and-coming style in their own unique way for consumption by the adoring Korean masses.


After a successful collaboration with Coca N’ Butter’s leader Rihey, Rockcake has been gaining attention from the fans of Street Woman Fighter. It quickly became one of the go-to shops in Korea for people looking to try out Y2K trends for themselves. 

Rockcake’s newest winter line consists of plenty of 2 piece sweatsuits, blinged out in sparkly cubic crystals, featuring classic Y2K symbols such as butterflies, hot pink graffiti, and logos in a style mimicking Juicy Couture. However, it has chosen to plaster its logo across the knees rather than the booty, a more conservative Korean touch. 

Their collaboration 3 piece sweatsuit with Rihey consists of velour tracksuits in pink, beige, and black. The perfect outfit for a dance session in the studio. 


To credit Tanger’s creators, they have been basing their brand on Y2K style clothing long before Street Woman Fighter. They’ve been able to ride the wave of this trend. Capitalizing upon their preexisting collections of loose, comfy joggers in various pastel colors.

Plus, they also have lots of cute, skin-baring basics like their signature Side Slit Top that comes in a range of colors perfect for daily wear. 

Their latest collaborative collection also features a classic velour tracksuit. However, this collaboration is with Korean rapper Queen Wasabi. 

Tanger’s American-style clothing has been capturing the hearts of their loyal clientele for years now, and is thriving as Y2K fashion has its day in the spotlight. 

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