Oedaldo: Mokpo’s Island of Love

Introducing Mokpo, the coastal city of South Jeolla Province. There are several islands off the coast of Mokpo, but none more romantic than Oedaldo. In fact, Oedaldo is one of the most beautiful islands I’ve visited in South Korea. For just a 10,300 won, you can sail off from Mokpo to this enchanting destination.

Oedaldo Island from Mokpo

One ferry ticket from Mokpo to Oedaldo costs 10,300 (adult, round trip) but note that there are multiple stops along the way. Be careful not to get off at the wrong island! We almost did that ourselves, but thankfully a kind crew member informed us just in time. The ferry journey time is approx. 1 hour, but there’s so much to see during the trip.

Mokpo Marine Cable Car, as seen from the ferry.

The crew were kind and the views were incredible. You can see Mokpo Bridge, Mokpo Marine Cable Car and even the famous Gohado Observatory!

Things to Do on Oedaldo Island

There were not actually many people on the ferry when we were there. Similarly, there were no crowds in Oedaldo when we arrived. Just a few minutes on land and already we could feel how peaceful this island vacation would be.

Oedaldo Island is small enough that you can loop around the island in just a few hours! Even less than that if you don’t stop to enjoy the views… but that would be impossible. There are many island activities like beaches and a water park. However, these establishments were closed during our visit.

Oedaldo’s Star Island

It was so idyllic in its tranquility. Our feet were making the first footprints in the sand that day and it felt surreal. If you want a relaxing, quiet escape from the city, Oedaldo is the place to be. Additionally, don’t forget to snap a photo of Star Island, Oedaldo’s pride and joy.

Oedaldo Island Travel Tips

Most of the buildings in Oedaldo are accommodation for tourists. While there are a few restaurants, there is no convenience store! The accommodations sometime sell convenience store-like items, but I would recommend bringing meals and water for your visit.

After a small picnic, we continued exploring the island, particularly the beautiful forest. Furthermore, even from the areas enclosed by trees, you can still hear the sounds of waves on the shore. Finally, we headed back to the dock, ready to return to Mokpo.

Location & Directions

Mokpo Coastal Ferry Terminal

Address:  Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do
Ferry to Oedaldo Departure Times: 7:00am, 10:30am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm everyday
Directions: From Mokpo Station, take bus no. 1, 22 or 60 to Mokpo Coastal Ferry Terminal or Chowon Parking Lot stops.


A trip to Oedaldo is one I would recommend to everyone, whether you’re going with your partner, friends, family or solo! The wonderful serene nature of the island has stuck in my memory since I left. If I were to go back again, I’d love to stay at an accommodation and enjoy a starry night free of light pollution.

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🇪🇸 Silvia Miranda Vega

Spanish student in Busan, South Korea. Wandering around this beautiful country. An aspiring photographer who also loves writing. Sharing Korea with the world!