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Magical Ocean Forest Cafe in Suwon

Have you heard of Cheongsudang? It is one of the most Instagrammable hanok cafes in the vintage neighbourhood of Ikseon-dong, Seoul. If you’re a fan of aesthetic cafes, I am sure you will be visiting Cheongsudang soon. However, today I will introduce you to Cheongsudang Haerim. The stunning hanok cafe reborn with an ocean forest theme, where you can enjoy your coffee as if you were under the sea. Enjoy dreamy aquatic life, from tiny fish to majestic sharks, swimming just inches away from you as you dine on coffee and cake.

Fancy A Peek into Cheongsudang Haerim?

Cheongsudang Haerim promotes the value of slowness. In other words, to provide a place of rest and relaxation for modern people caught up in their busy lives. By visiting this beautiful space, complete with natural aesthetic, you will surely experience the concept of slowness of space.

As soon as you enter the café, you will be greeted by stepping stones across tiny pebbles, lit up by yellow lanterns. Surrounding the path are leafy plants and a mystical fog… The cafe has dim lighting to provide a calm, tranquil setting with a subtle theme of mystery. The volcanic rock layout was inspired by the coast of Gurumbi in Jeju. Furthermore, these rocky walls bring the rest of the decor to life, along with the aquariums and flora. Together, they convey the unique charm of Cheongsudang Haerium and how it differs from the original Cheongsudang cafe.

Of course the most mesmerising feature of the cafe is the floor-to-ceiling aquariums, rich with colorful marine life. Sounds enticing right? Once you’re there, it’s surreal. As if you were really underwater! To that end, Cheongsudang Haerim would make the perfect romantic date setting or place to relax and catch up with friends.


In addition to the interior design, the café’s menu items are also popular. Enjoy stone pour-over coffee, made using stone drippers, or the souffle castella and fromage cake, baked in square-shaped pottery. The fromage cakes are only sold in the Haerim branch. The price of the drinks ranges from 5800 to 7500 won.

We ordered two cups of stone-dripped coffee and one blackberry fromage cake. I thought the cakes were quite pricey but the delicious taste and beautiful presentation was worth it. Beneath a layer of blue jelly is a delicious blackberry cheese cake. The cream cheese has a rich flavour and goes well with the tartness of the blackberries.

Final Thoughts

If you visit this ocean forest cafe, you won’t just be taking your taste buds on an incredible journey, you will be contributing to ocean conservation efforts. Additionally, you will enjoy a multisensory healing experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Location & Getting There

Cheongsudang Haerim

Address: Floor B1, 300 Gwanggyohosugongwon-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Operating Hours: 10:30am - 8:00pm Mon ~ Thur, - 8:30pm Fri ~ Sun
Directions: Gwanggyo Jungang Station (Sinbundang Subway Line) Exit 4. 

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