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How to Make Friends in Korea

One the most stressful things when you move to a new place is losing your old friends. Psychologists also refer to it as displacement anxiety . If you are a foreigner and are struggling to make new friends in Korea, don’t worry. You are not alone. Every member of the international community has faced this struggle at some point during their time here. Today I will discuss some of the methods I have used to find friends while living in Korea.


Koreans are a friendly bunch of people in general. So, as long as you put yourself out there you should have local pals in no time. Friends always bring a different energy level and light up your life with their presence. So in order to make good Korean friends, you must know where to find them. AOnce you do, you will get to know that making friends in Korea is not a big deal! 

Making Friends In Korea Online

One of the easiest ways to make friends,  particularly during the pandemic is to opt for virtual friend groups.

  • Expat Communities-  Expat communities such as InterNations is a great way to meet people who have come to Korea from all over the globe. Plus, there are also a lot of Koreans who are interested in making international friends who use the platform.
  • Use of Social Media : Korea is a tech-oriented society so having a social life here is much easier as compared to other countries. The use of social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are very common in Korea. So, your presence on these platforms enables you to interact with Koreans. You can join any public groups like:
  1. Adventure Korea
  2. AIK Artists in Korea
  3. Foreigner’s Community in Korea!

  • Online Games & Apps : The huge benefit of the online gaming culture is that it connects you with the people you play with online. As a result, you can easily find friends with common interests and can approach them through this platform. You won’t believe the friendships I have made through these platforms over the past several years. Here are a few online games and apps I have used to make friends:
  1. Starcraft
  2.  Kakao Talk
  3.  Hinative 
  4.  Hellotalk 

*Please note that especially for women, meeting people using these methods may not always be safe. Be sure that you are completely comfortable with the person before meeting in real-life and always meet in public spaces.

Offline Ways to Make friends In Korea

If you are an extrovert like myself, you may find that the best way to make friends is to meet in person. Here are a few methods I have used to find friends that are still respectful of South Korea’s introverted culture.

  • Indulge Yourself in Foodie Culture: You can immerse yourself in Korean food culture by going on organized food tours. You can make new friends by taking a tour that visits several food places and get to know other foodies along the way. During these tours you visit local restaurants, cafes and food streets in order to interact with local people and get to know about local food culture. This helps you appreciate local cuisine and feel more comfortable attending parties and get-togethers.

  • Outdoor Activities: Yes, sports and outdoor activities are another source for making friends in Korea and to interact with the local people. There are several sports like football and baseball that have a huge fan base in Korea. So, joining a sports team is another way of making friends in Korea. It develops a sense of commrodary and forms an unbreakable bond between players. Joining sports teams is one of the best ways to create friendships that last forever.

One of the best platforms to find food tours and local amature sports teams you can join is MeetUp.

Learn the Korean Language

Learning Korean enables you to interact with local people more easily and makes friendships more equal. Plus, plenty of Koreans are happy to simply sit down with you and exchange languages and cultures. This type of relationship develops a sense of caring for one another and leads to mutually beneficial friendships. You could also make friends by attending university, which you can attend for free what a scholarship.

Visit Cultural and Historical Places

Korea has a great attraction for tourists. However, visiting touristy-places doesn’t make you a tourist. it’s a right of passage. Visiting tourist spots helps you learn about Korea’s culture and history which is a point of pride for most Koreans. Knowing basic history is essential for making Korean friends. Plus, many Koreans also visit popular tourist destinations. Some of the best places to visit in Korea are N Seoul Tower, Bukchon Hanok Village, Myeong Dong, Lotte world.

Volunteer At Organizations

Another efficient way of interaction and making new friends is by joining different volunteer organizations. You’ll find yourself working with people who share similar values. These activities will surely help to improve your bonds with the local people.

Hobby Classes

Hobby classes are a great way of making friends in Korea. They bring people with similar interests together. This enables the foreigners to interact with locals who share the same interests as them. Plus, you can make friends while also learning a new skill.

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