Youngdo Velvet: Maker Historical K-Drama Sets & Costume

Ever wonder who the creator of your favorite historical K-drama sets and costumes is? Well, chances are it is Youngdo velvet. They have been designing traditional and modern velvet pieces since the 1960s. Yonungdo Velvet pieces can be seen in some of the most popular Korean historical K-dramas including Gu Family Book, Faith, the Great Seer, and many more. Let’s learn more about this creative gem!

History of Youngdo Velvet

For the past 60 years, Youngdo Velvet has been making beautiful velvet textiles in Daegu, South Korea. You might know that Daegu is the textile/ fabric capital of South Korea. The city plays host to an annual international textile fair each summer and spring. Click Here for information (in English) for the spring fair.

Yeongdo Velvet was established in 1960. In the beginning, Japan, Germany, and the US sent imports to Korea. Youngdo used fabric to create bridal wear and accessories.

Shortly afterward, Yeongdo Velvet’s founder created an exportable, high-quality velvet for multiple uses. And due to stiff competition, Yooungdo Velvet invested 40 billion Won in purchasing high-tech looms, dying processes, and various factories.

The textiler has since become the leader in fabric manufacturing. Now the company produces beautiful, custom textiles that have multiple uses. In fact, velvet has been reborn for modern consumers, provided they only remember the cheap crushed velvet their grandmas wore. Not only do discerning consumers demand practicality, but also the world’s first machine washable blended velvet.


Currently, the company exports raw fabric to 124 countries around the world. And while the company does not create any products, it works with manufacturers who make just about anything. In fact, the company creates wearable fashion clothing, accessories, home fashion, wallpaper, and furniture. But, the uses end with your creativity.

Youngdong velvet has been used for sets and costumes for some of the most popular historical dramas. Titles include Hwajeong, Gu Family book, The King’s Face, and Secret Door.

Although Yongdo Velvet is not cheap, its products are of extremely high quality. Plus if you are looking for home decor in a traditional Korean style, they do have beautiful options. You can see all the products they sell on their online store.

Cafe, Museum, and Gallery

Youngdo Velvet has a cafe, museum, and gallery located on four floors. The gallery and museum display beautiful custom premium blended poly-velvet bags, clothing, Korean traditional costumes, and more.

There are also beautiful pieces from recent movies and television shows on display. The traditional and modern outfits have rich colors and intricate detailing. However, I don’t need a costume. The clothing is an excellent example of what can be done with fabric.

I ordered a hot lemon tea back downstairs and browsed through the large selection of scarves—my choice, a blue-on-blue checkered scarf with white borders. The staff wrapped it in a lovely gift box. I love scarves. And I don’t have anything like it in my collection. The long velvet scarf cost 30,000 Won and will always be a reminder of my visit to Youngdo.

Youngdo Daum Gallery (영도다움)
Address: 149-87 Samdeokdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu
Korean Address: 대구 중구 공평로4길 39
Operating Hours: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Closed: Sundays

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