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Yong Woo Dong Restaurant in Jeju Island

If you are craving to eat some Korean snacks, then Yong Woo Dong in Jeju island is the restaurant for you!

Since there, you can find some of the most popular dishes from Korean cuisine. Which we can define as ‘Korean fast food’. For example, kimchi fried rice. And others.

But the dishes that we could say that represent this franchise in Jeju, is the pork cutlet and the spicy seafood noodle soup. Which we are about to review!

Now get ready to get your mouth water! As when you see the pictures, you will start drooling for sure. Due to how yummy everything looks.

Korean snacks as a business model

With the goal of maintaining the best flavors in Korea, they opened this business in 1997, in order to sell some of the most popular Korean snacks. And with the wish of becoming a restaurant that could cross your mind every time you are craving for some Korean food.

Due to this reason, the business expanded to the point that they sell vast of Korean dishes. And the best thing, is that this place has grown silently without a single line of media advertising. Which means that customers just approach and keep coming back thanks to the taste of their food.

So if you are a big fan of Korean cuisine, we recommend you to visit this restaurant, Yong Woo Dong, in Jeju Island. As you wont regret. Plus it is near to a shopping area!


When I first went, I felt surprised by the great variety of dishes that they have. Since judging from how small is this place, I never thought it would offer as much food as a big franchise.

As we mentioned before, this restaurant focuses in Korean snacks, or what it is known as Bunsik (분식). Although you can find some normal dishes. Since the business expanded and offers more choices now.

As for the prices, it is neither expensive nor cheap. But we can say that it is fair. Since the size of the dishes is big.



As we mentioned before, this place is small. So if you are in a big group of friends, you might want to check first if you are able to do a reservation by phone. On the contrary, you can just wish to have luck. But I can tell it is not usually as full as some other restaurants. The reason might be that it is in a shopping street with lots of places to eat.

For me, it seems to be the perfect place to eat by yourself. The fact that it is small, does not mean it is not cozy enough to have a good meal.


When you first enter, you will come across with a table where you need to fill out with your details. As a COVID prevention method. Then, you can just sit at any table that you wish.

They have some picture of the food on their walls. And the menu is ready at the table. So you can just order as soon as you want.

As usual, you can drink water for free. And the table has a drawer on the side, which contains the chopsticks, forks and spoons.

It is important to mention that you must pay in advance. So your order is processed.


As an entrance, we ordered chicken tenders. Although the pieces were small and thin, they were really crispy. Which made it satisfying to eat. And of course, help us out to endure the hunger.

Needless to say, they tasted delicious along with the ranch dressing.

It seems that this place is known for their pork cutlets (Tonkatsu). And after receiving my dish, I could understand why. Since the size is big. And the crispy texture was amazing! Plus it was filled with cheese. Which was melted perfectly. Therefore, in every bite, you will end up stretching cheese from your mouth.

It came with a fresh salad. And a bit of white rice.

As for the sauce, the flavor was on point! Although I would have loved to have more. Since I love soaking my cutlet with it.

One dish that you should not miss the opportunity to try, is for sure the Korean spicy seafood noodle soup (짬뽕). Especially if you are in a city that is known for its seafood. Just like Jeju.

The size of the plate was so big, that it was difficult to finish. You can surely share with your friends. But in case that you are able to eat it by yourself, you will in fact get satisfied at the end. As the taste is perfect!

Even though it is really spicy, the flavor of the soup is way too delicious that you will want to finish it all, for sure.

It had a good amount of clams as well.

It is worth to mention that the food was served with side dishes, of course. Such as kimchi and yellow pickled radish.


This place is located in Jeju Island.

25, Yeondong 7-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

How to get there:
From the airport you can take bus no. 365, 332, 3001 and 3003. And get off at the bus stop called ‘제원아파트’. From there, you must cross the street and turn to your right at the first corner. Where you need to walk straight till the first corner. There, you must walk straight until finding it.


Yong Woo Dong is a restaurant franchise in Jeju Island that you must go if you are craving for Korean fast food. As they have a great variety. And I can assure you everything is as tasty as it looks!

If you had already gone to this place, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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