Yeosu Maritime Cable Car: Yeosu from the heights

Yeosu is a beautiful city with stunning views. With a dazzling blue sea surrounded by green landscapes and mountains. And the best way to see this, is indeed by riding the famous Yeosu Maritime Cable Car (여수케이블카), where you will enjoy a panoramic view of Yeosu from the heights.

Yeosu (여수) is the city that represents the province of Jeollanam (전라남도). Which attracts around 13.2 million tourists. And one of the main reasons surely is that it has some of the most impressive nature sceneries, that color the cityscape.

And to see this before your eyes, the best choice is to ride a cable car. Where you will be able to have a 360° view of the city.


With this in mind,, let us introduce you the famous cable cars of Yeosu!

Yeosu from the heights


At the present time, there are about 150 cable cars throughout South Korea. And of course, much more businesses that are planning on opening new ones. But what makes Yeosu Maritime Cable Car special is the fact that it is considered the fourth cable car to be installed in Asia after Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam. In consequence, the first one in South Korea.

Although Namsan Cable Car has been operating since 1962 as the first passenger cable car in South Korea, Yeosu Cable Car is the one who has that title. Because it is the first marine cable car.

The rumors about its opening started in 2009. However, it was going to be different to what it is right now. According to the route map back then, it seemed to be intended to connect Odongdo Island, but the plan changed. Since it was reduced to the current route. And the construction began in March 2013, before opening in December 2014.

About the car

There is a total of 50 vehicles: 10 crystal cabins and 40 regular ones. Which travel 1.5 km from Jasan Park (자산공원) to Dolsan Park (돌산공원). While having a beautiful view from the landscapes of the city.

In comparison to other cable cars in Korea, in this place there are crystal cabins. And unlike ordinary cabins, they have tempered glass on the floor. Because of this, you can look down and enjoy the view.

A thrilling experience

As we mentioned before, there are two types of cable cars. In other words, the bottom of the regular one is opaque, while the other one is a crystal cabin with tempered glass.

In the crystal cabin, you will in fact feel like if you are floating in the air! Since they are made of grass from top to bottom, left and right. You basically can have a 360° of the city. Therefore, it is recommended to those who want to see all the landscapes of Yeosu.

On the contrary, if you are scared of heights or you do not like to feel adrenaline, regular cabins are for you. Because of how high it is, you can even feel your heart beating slightly faster.

In this type of cabin, you will still have stunning sceneries before your eyes! Plus it is cheaper than the crystal ones.

Why should I visit?

Besides the breathtaking views, this is one of the most famous cable cars in South Korea. During 2015, the ministry of culture revealed that Yeosu Maritime Cable Car was the one who had more visitors. Topping the list, above of Tongyeong and Namsan Cable Cars.

Plus nothing beats the excitement of seeing the sea of Yeosu under your feet!


Each station has an observatory and a store that sells various type of food. Such as hot dogs, tteokbokki (떡볶이), and even cake! Since there is a famous ‘a twosome place’ café.

There are also small art galleries displaying Yeosu-themed art. But not many people seem to go there because they charge extra money.

If you arrive to Dolsan Park, I recommend you to walk down the parking lot. Because you will find the coast. Where it is relaxing to stroll along it. And of course, you will have a nice view from the sea. Plus there wont be much people around.

My experience

The waiting

Even though I had to wait a lot for my turn to come, it was completely worthy! In fact, it is important to mentionthat since there are only 10 crystal cabins, you might have to queque for a long time if you choose this one. However, it still worthy. Unless you go in a season where there are many tourists. Because it can take up to hours.

A cabin only for you

What I like the most is that these cabins are private. Therefore, if you go alone, they will not put you with strangers. You will have a complete cabin for yourself! To see Yeosu from the heights in this Yeosu Maritime Cable Car (여수케이블카).

An important tip

It is important to mention that if you buy round trip tickets, you should not throw away your ticket after it has been scanned once. Because to take the trip back, you will need the same one.

Great views, mean great pictures

Of course, I did not miss the chance to take some pictures. And I also recommend you to take a picture when you are nearby the Dolsan bridge (제2돌산대교). Since it is also a popular spot for tourists.

Worth the round trip?

At the end I regretted buying a round trip ticket. The reason is that I found the path to get near the coast. And because of the nice view of the sea, I preferred to walk along It.

At the end I walked back to the other station. And since I did not wanted to waste my ticket, I had to ride it again. It was a nice experience, but that means I had to make a long queque once again.


You can read about the prices in their website. Click here!

TypesRound Trip
Adult15000 KRW
Child11000 KRW
Standard (8seats) – Individual
TypesRound Trip
Adult22000 KRW
Child17000 KRW
Crystal (6seats) – Individual


In the station that is near to Odongdo (오동도), there is a café where you can buy a cute heart made of wood. Which you will be able to hang up right in front of one of the best views of the island.


If it has caught your attention, then you can read more about this place here:


Needless to say, this place is located in Yeosu, Jeollanam Province.

Address: 3600-1 Dolsan-ro, Dolsan-eup, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do


If you want to see the beautiful landscapes of Yeosu from the heights, riding a Yeosu Maritime Cable Car (여수케이블카) is a must! You will have indeed a thrilling ride.
If you have gone before, let us know your opinion in the comments!

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