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If you are coming to Seoul for the first time some places are a MUST visit! Seoul has a lot of famous spots, such as Gangnam and Itaewon. Today I will introduce you to the best one among the three: Hongdae and Yam Cafe!

‘Hongdae’ stands for the abbreviation of Hongik University (홍익대학교). The word joins the first syllable of “hongik” (홍) and the first syllable of the Korean word for “university” (대). This neighborhood is famous for its crowded nightlife, shopping areas, and also famous restaurants. Also, another very attractive point of Hongdae are the cafes! Hongdae is full of different thematic cafes for you to explore, from cat cafes to the Harry Potter cafe. In this post, I will start a series of cafe recommendations in Hongdae!

The first one I will talk about is “Yam Cafe”.

Yam cafe menu

In this cafe, you will find a menu similar do other cafes in the same area. The difference is how much effort they put into making everything very cute. From cakes to drinks and even macarons! The cakes menu kinda changes every day, so you gotta try your luck. We tried Kakao Friends’ Ryan Chocolate Cake, and it was divine! The cake was covered with yellow buttercream and decorated with small fondant Ryans. In the same corner where you find the cakes, there are also a lot of different macarons. They cost around 2,000 won and comes in all colors and flavors. The packages have small smiley faces, which makes everything even cuter. We ordered one called “milkshake” and another one called “cotton candy”, and both were perfect! Soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside and with a very delicious cream for filling.

Apart from the cakes and macarons, the cafe also has a lot of different drinks. In the picture, you can see their delicious peach juice. It had a lot of peach pieces, and it was mixed with strawberries. Really really delicious! Honestly one of the best peach juices I have ever tried in my life. They also have basic (and popular) drinks such as Ice Americano and teas, and some more elaborated drinks. Among the elaborated drinks you can find shakes and mixed juices. Of course the presentation of all drinks will be very cute and lovely, according to the cafe’s aesthetic.

As you choose what you want to eat and drink, it will be served to you in a clouded shape tray. The tray also has a cute smiley face in the middle of it.

The cafe’s aesthetic

The cafe follows a fairytale-like aesthetic. You can see in the picture one of the cafe corners, decorated with a tree that goes all the way from the ground to the calling. In the tree, they hang a lot of cute plushies and figures, and there are also some really beautiful Christmas lights. The tables nearby the window are also decorated with plushies and flowers and some wall decorations. Lights in the cafe are also on a yellow tone, which gives out a cozy and warm vibe. Going into this cafe feels like going into a fairy’s house.

Above the place where you can find the cakes and macarons the cafe serves, you will see a lot of plushies, especially care bear plushies. All of these elements combined together transform the cafe in a very welcoming and cozy place where you enjoy a cute and delicious slice of cake.

It’s a perfect place for taking pictures not only of the food but also with your friends! There are a lot of different tiaras and hats for you to try on and use while in the cafe. This definitely makes the experience more fun and interesting, and also helps to create the right mood for the whole cafe environment. You will feel like you’re inside a fairy tale!

How to get to Yam cafe

As you can see in the picture, is really easy getting to Yam Cafe. It`s located just a couple blocks away from Hongik University Sation. Just take exit 9 and you will find it very easily. The cafe is located in a very central area of Hongdae, which helps a lot if you also want to visit other places as well as getting to know Hongdae a little more. The cafe is open from 12:00 to 23:00 every day, so take your time checking out arcades, karaokes, bars, and restaurants that you can find only in Hongdae! If you are going to Hongdae with plans for lunch, I suggest that you leave the cafe for dessert!

I believe you will have a great time in this cafe! If you visit it after reading this post, leave a comment below and let me know if your experience was as good as mine! And don’t forget the most important part: have lots of fun in Hongdae, whether you’re alone or with friends.

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