Xcalibur: Seventeen’s Dokyeom Musical Documentary

Last week, I got the chance to watch the premiere of Seventeen Dokyeom’s Musical Documentary. Back in 2019, Seventeen’s member Dokyeom, or DK, made his musical actor debut as King Arthur, the lead in the musical Xcalibur. He was then chosen again for the same role in the 2021 production of the musical. 


Xcalibur tells the story of Arthur and his journey with the magical sword, Excalibur. The story is set in medieval England. However, the musical productions of the classic story can be seen around the world. The musical in Korea has featured many idols in its production. 

Back at the end of September, it was announced that a special documentary was going to be screened in CGV. The documentary was about the production of the play. A pre-release screening was held, which I, unfortunately, was not able to attend since the tickets sold out very fast!

Buying the Ticket and CGV Photoplay

Therefore, when they announced the actual release date for the movie, I immediately booked a ticket through the CGV app! Not to mention, they are giving out special Dokyeom photo cards to people who watched it! I simply had to go.

If you are a movie lover here in Korea, I suggest downloading the CGV app to help you buy movie tickets from anywhere. Although the app is in Korean, once you get used to it, it is really easy to use!

What’s cool about CGV too is that they have this feature called CGV Photoplay. When you purchase a ticket from the CGV app, you can make up to 5 photoplay per ticket! 

Photoplay is basically like a photocard where you can choose the picture to go on the front of the card, while the back side would be the info about the movie you are watching. So it is like a movie ticket but in the shape of a photocard! It cost 1,000 won per photoplay and you can print it in CGV when you come for your movie! It’s great for movie lovers who want to add to the memorabilia collection.

Watching Xcalibur

I had work before the movie, so I was rushing to get to the theater on time! I was feeling so excited as if I was going to a concert. After all, it’s not often that you can see Dokyeom on the big screen!

Once I arrived at the CGV, I took the elevator to the 11th floor where the cinema was. Everyone who was in that elevator was also there for Dokyeom’s documentary. It was the first movie of the day.

I was so lucky to find a good seat as the tickets were sold out for the day in most CGVs. But, as I got seated, the excitement just got more and more heightened. 

Not long after, the movie started. I remember when I heard Dokyeom’s voice and he showed up on the screen. I couldn’t help but squeal out of happiness. Just like how he is usually, he looked so happy with a big smile on his face. 

The movie itself showed half of the musical and the complete clips when Dokyeom sang as King Arthur. It cuts back and forth between the behind-the-scenes video and the actual musical. The clips of when they prepared and practiced for the musical are also included. 

It was as if I was watching the musical itself in the theater. With Dokyeom and the other actors’ vocals and acting, I couldn’t help but be immersed in the play. 

Not to be biased, but Dokyeom’s acting was so good that I shed a tear. During one scene, I could also hear several Carats (Seventeen’s fans) sniffling and crying. 

The movie ended with a message from Dokyeom about how grateful he was to Carats for coming to his musical and supporting him for his musical debut. As a Carat myself, it was a very wholesome documentary that lifted my stress away. 

Oh, and yes, the movie was fully in Korean without any English subtitles. However, the voices and acting really showed the flow of the story and still made it enjoyable nonetheless!

After Xcalibur

So, remember when I said most of the theaters were sold out for the documentary that day? Well, when I entered the theater, half of it was actually empty. It was not until the end of the movie that I realized why. 

For this Xcalibur documentary, since Dokyeom is the main character, they were giving out special photocard to people who watched the movie. The condition was that one photocard will be given out per seat and you can pick it up after the movie ends, while supplies last. 


Of course, after the movie ended, I rushed to the elevator to get down to the redemption counter. Thankfully I was one of the first people to get to the counter. The line was very long after that. 

As I redeemed my ticket, I saw the person beside me had actually purchased five tickets in order to get five photo cards. So, even though she was only one person, she took up 5 seats! Right then and there, I realized the power of Carats and why the theater was half empty. 

But anyways, I was so glad that I got a limited edition photocard! Dokyeom as King Arthur was certainly something that you do not see every day. 

If you are curious and want to see the movie, it is now showing in selected CGV theaters only! Go and grab your tickets before it ends!

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