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Write a letter to your future self in a coffee shop in Seoul

You can never feel bored in Seoul as there is always something fun and new to discover. During the last 2 years retro trends started gaining a lot of attention especially in South Korea, hence a lot of coffee shops and restaurants brought back the retro feel to their places

Seoul is full of hidden coffee shops that you can find only by looking thoroughly, that feeling when you walk around a beautiful neighborhood and discover a beautiful gem is so rewarding. Therefore, I want to introduce to you today one of the beautiful gems I have found once while wandering in the streets of Haebangchon: The space filled with you.

The space filled with you is a cafe where you can enjoy your coffee and write a letter either to your beloved ones or yourself.    

When you order your drink next to the menu they have an explanation about the letter service. The cafe offers coffee and other drinks you can buy and then they have the “Letter set ” which costs only 3,000 won. If you desire to put wax on the letter (which I personally find so cute and charming) it costs 1,000 won extra. If you choose this option you get 2 postcards of your choice and an envelope. After writing the letter, I went to the sealing station and made the wax seal. You choose 3 little cubes of wax which come in three different colors, then melt it over the candle and pour it in the envelope. The stamp has the name of the cafe, which I find so meaningful. 

After that, you can leave it in a slot with your desired date and the cafe staff will take care of it and mail it to you on the day you have chosen. I wrote mine on August the 17th and received it December 26th!

The whole experience was genuinely exceptional, it felt like going back to time where phones weren’t a thing. I highly recommend you to visit this cafe, not only because the experience is fun but their drinks and macarons are so delicious.

P.S Beside the store in Haebangcheon, they have other stores in Ansan and Suwon.


🇲🇦 Zineb El Fathi

Sharing my experience living in South Korea.