Wolryeonggotam Speakeasy in Ulsan

Wolryeonggotam Pub in Ulsan is one of the hot spots in town. Their aesthetic is dark and cozy at the same time, but definitely makes the list of one of the nicest pubs in town for any kind of occasion. 

The Place

Wolryeonggotam Pub (월령고담) was a place that I found with my friend while exploring one of the busier areas for nightlife activities in Ulsan. Whenever you are in the Samsan-dong area, you should check out their great atmosphere and nice photo zones.

Inside the pub, you can find a more rustic aesthetic. The plain brick walls and pillars, with a few spaces of wood construction, make everything look simple, yet cozy and modern. You can find many photo zones, and the neon signs and mirrors making the perfect shot. I would say that the top three spots are the front sign with chairs, the mirror by the entrance, and the table that has a private room on the top of the stairs.

Honestly, the whole place makes a nice background for Instagram. Other than this, they have a projector showing some music videos and a corner with games.

Note: When searching for it, I recommend looking up the name in Korean, as the name in English does not always match with the place.



Their menu of drinks is one of the biggest I have ever seen in a pub in Korea. They have everything, from soju options to liquor! I tried a few cocktails and checked out their food options. To my surprise, their cocktails were super cheap.

The most expensive one is a B-52 for 15,000 Won, the rest are around 7,000 Won, which is extremely reasonable. Drafts beers are around 7,000 Won, bottled beer is 8,000 Won, soju is 5,000 Won, and liquors are offered at various prices depending on if it is a shot, a cup, or a bottle.

For people that do not drink, they also have soft drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails.


As for the food menu, it was also very diverse. You can choose from drinking side dishes (안주), sushi and sashimi, miscellaneous dishes, fried appetizers, and soups.

Of course, the prices vary depending on what you order. Sashimi is all 16,000 Won, fried appetizers average around 15,000 Won, miscellaneous food like ramyeon and kimchi bokkeumbap are 7,000 Won, soups are 14,000 Won, and drinking side dishes are around 12,000 Won.

I ordered some sweet corn (마약옥수수), and this fried sweet snack. You can check their menu in detail on their kakao map page.


If you are looking for a nice pub in Ulsan and do not know many places, try out the Wolryeonggotam Pub! The aesthetic and nice selection of foods and drinks is worth trying, and you will most definitely have a nice time at their place.

Wolryeonggotam (월령고담)

Korean Address:  울산 남구 왕생로40번길 10
Address:  10 Wangsaeng-ro 40 beon-gil, Nam-gu, Ulsan
Working Hours: 11:00 AM - 08:00 PM

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