Witch in Korea: Where to Find Wiccan Supplies

I practice Wicca and therefore identify as a witch. However, being a witch in Korea can be difficult. Our religion places a heavy focus on rituals that require certain items and ingredients to perform. Although there aren’t Wiccan shops in Korea, I have been able to identify a few spots where I can always find supplies to carry out rituals. If you are a witch in Korea, I hope this article can help you continue your practices abroad.

What Are Witches

Firstly, I’d like to address what a witch is, as KoreabyMe has an international audience and not everyone may be familiar.

Witches are often thought of as evil mythological creatures who worship the devil. However, this isn’t the original context of witches. Witches are actually those who practice traditional religions similar to Shamanism, such as Wicca. However, when Christianity became popular in Europe practitioners of Wicca and other traditional religions were persecuted and labeled as witches. In fact, many countries in Europe and the Americas had witch hunts which resulted in the execution of hundreds of women.

Over the past several years, lots of people in Europe and the Americas have been returning to ancient religions. Which, are regarded under the umbrella term of witches. Personally, I practice Wicca which is based on ancient Western-European pagan religions. Often, witch communities put a heavy emphasis on embracing female empowerment and connecting with nature.

I am a witch in Korea myself. And for the past several years pagan religions and practices such as Wicca have gained attention all over the world. Of course, Korea is not the exception. I have been encountering more and more witches in my daily life here in Seoul.

You might be surprised to know the actual number of witches living and performing magic rituals has reached quite a high number. From my personal Wiccan perspective as a witch in Korea, I would like to let you know how we do it. It is definitely harder for us to find witchy supplies here than in western countries. But, I still manage to have a really nice altar and perform my rituals with things I can easily find in Korea. 

Pagan Witchcraft and Buddhist traditions 

Believe it or not, Buddhists and Pagans have a lot in common. Meaning we share some elements and specific objects when performing rituals or simply practicing our religion.

If you visit a Buddhist shop nearby temples in South Korea you can easily find Wicca supplies. These shops have a large variety of different candles and incense. They can be used for not only Wicca but the whole spectrum of religions that fall under the category of witchcraft.

However, you will also find crystals, quartz, and even some tools such as pendulums. Plus, lots of altar accessories, such as offerings and candle holders.

Although the way witches and Buddhists use these objects may differ. The reasoning behind many of our ceremonies is the same. We seek to expel negative energy and absorb what is positive

Daiso, The One-Stop Shop for a Witch in Korea

If you have been to Korea, you might already know how magical can Daiso be. You can literally find anything at Daiso, and for a very reasonable price.

This is my go-to place when I am looking for candles, wood sticks, parchment, strings, jars, cups, or cauldrons. I recently found out that traditional Korean containers look just like a classic witch cauldron and can resist heat very well since they are used to make rice. I’m in love with the cauldron I found in Daiso.

So, do not hesitate on visiting your nearest Daiso looking for your witchy supplies. With a little creativity, you might actually (highly likely) find more than what you were originally looking for.

Coupang is the Best Friend of a Witch in Korea

Although Daiso has almost anything you need there is some stuff you can’t simply purchase in Korea such as spell books (in English). Or, perhaps some other specific tool that you can’t find in stores. But, worry no more, Coupang has got your back.

By doing a simple search, you can easily find anything you want on Coupang. I have gotten books about Wicca and even witchcraft supplies sets from here. However, you will have to wait a bit. But normally, it will take no longer than a week to get products delivered to your front door.

Let Nature Provide and Be Creative

Handmade tools, even if they’re not perfect, might work even better for a witch in Korea. Since Korea has a lot of parks and beautiful natural landscapes, you can always take a trip to a park nearby and find what you need.

For instance, I made my broom with a bunch of branches and weeds I found around a park while having a walk. The result was actually better than I expected. And best of all, our mother nature provided it to me for free!

Another good example is a pentagram for my altar I made out of chopsticks. In this case, it was not nature but the delivery guy who provided the materials.

Building a community in Korea

Although I am an eclectic witch and honestly enjoy being on my own, it is always nice to make friends and stay close to people who share your beliefs. And, as I know more people out there are doing their Shabbats well I would like this article to help link us witches around Korea. It doesn’t matter which tradition you follow, as we are always respectful. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me to expand our Korean witches’ web.

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