Wintertime Essentials: Colored Lip Balm @ Olive Young

The rule of thumb for winter skincare: Moisture is everything. This is that time of the year where you’ll find countless products like heavy, rich creams, hand lotion and face mist sprays adorning everyone’s vanity tables, but the one thing that most of us really depend on is lip balm. And not just any lip balm at that – given everyone’s tendency to go makeup-free under their masks and hats in winter, more people have been reaching for color lip balm instead, to add a pinch of rosiness and make them look presentable without actually having to put in much work. 

Colored lip balm in particular is also a beauty product that many Korean men depend on for a more put-together look without overdoing it – take a leaf out of their page for easy, fuss-free beauty with these colored lip balms that will be your best friend all winter long. 

Laka’s Soul Vegan Lip Balm 

Contemporary Korean makeup brand Laka is considered a newcomer to the scene, but has won many over with their fuss-free approach to beauty with an especially strong focus on vegan products. Their Soul Vegan Lip Balm is their newest lip product and first-ever balm; yet it has taken the beauty community by storm as the firm public favorite this cold season. 

Smooth, moisturising and non-sticky – Laka has got the perfect formula down, and in a variety of different colors to suit all kinds of skin tones. From the cool-toned favorite Berry, a striking cranberry red with a natural color payoff that doesn’t draw too much attention, to the gentle Mauve, delicate Rosy and even a Clear version for those who can’t get enough of the formula, Laka is sure to deliver the product of your dreams. 

Beready’s Wake Up Vitalizing Lip Balm for Heroes

Male-targeted beauty brand Beready has been drawing much attention among their target audience for providing men with beauty solutions tailored specifically for their wants and needs. From barely-there concealers, fuss-free light-touch compact cushions and now a bestselling color lip balm line, Beready is helping to challenge the societal belief that ‘makeup isn’t for men’ and turn it on its head, empowering their customers in the process.

As men in Korea seem to be pursuing a very natural, barely-touched up yet put-together look as the ideal beauty standard, Beready is set to help them achieve it with their color lip balm which only disperses the slightest hint of color, loaded into the middle of a mainly clear lip balm bullet. The resulting ultra-natural look is something even women would love, and hey, who says that makeup is gendered? Try what you like, as long as it works – Beready’s definitely does. 

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