Where To Get The Cutest Korean Souvenirs

One of the best thing about Korea is how easy it is to find some of the most adorable character. As a kid, growing up in a european country, I was always searching for the cutest stationery to show off in school but it was really hard to find ! Once I arrived in Korea, I was surprised to see cute items everywhere and it’s sometimes to resist to buy everything ! If you are here as a tourist, you might want to get some souvenirs for yourself or for your families and friends. Here is a list of where you can get the cutest korean souvenirs !

DAISO, the life saver


If you are living in Korea, you might already know about Daiso. This store propose numerous type of items from 1.000 won to 5.000 won maximum. Most of the korean use this store to shop any lifestyle items, but not too many knows that he is also one of the best place to get nice souvenirs. They have a special section for korean souvenirs but you can also find typical korean snacks like candies, tableware like chopstick… You can also check their stationery area but later on I will recommend other places. For a short term visit, you could only visit this store to find everything we need. 

ARTBOX, cute character everywhere 


This store is a chain and you will find some in every big station in Korea. This store have their own cute character but you can also find some Kakao items there. This shop is a paradise to find cute gift ! There is stationery, tableware, goodies, beauty items, stickers etc. The price range is still quite cheap depending on what you are searching for. 

KYOBO, the bookstore hiding secrets

Kyobo Bookstore @ TFurban / flickr

Kyobo is mainly known as a bookstore. But you might be aware that every bookstore includes stationery area ! In Kyobo, not only propose some of the cutest pens, notebook, sticker, they also have a section with mystery boxes where you can get figurines. In general, Kyobo is a nice place to just go check out the books and sit there (they do have some good books in english). 

KAKAO STORE, famous korean merchandise

Kakao Store

This store is a must go ! Once you arrive in South Korea, you might asked by locals your kakao account. Don’t have one yet ? Head to your App Store to download KakaoTalk. This is the messenger every korean use and inside the app they use some special emojis called “Kakao Friends”. Those friends all have a name, personality and story and you can find their goodies in Kakao Store ! Soft toy, stationery, tableware, stickers, pyjamas etc you are sure to find something useful. Please let us know which of the Kakao Friends is your favorite ? Ryan, Apeach, Neo, Tube, Frodo, Muzi… ?


On the same vibes with Kakao Store, Line Shop is giving honor to the cute emojis from the Line application. But they also created character linked to each BTS member and you can find their goodies in BT21 store along with line friends items. Just in case you are not aware, BTS is a worldwide famous k-pop band. If your friend are big fans of this group just head to the store to find an unforgettable gift.

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SSAMZIEGIL MALL, Local artist goodies


If you are planning on visiting Insadong Street, I urge you to head to Ssamziegil. This very cute mall is located in the middle of Insadong. This place is special because most of the shops are owned by local artist and creator. It’s the best place to bring back unique korean souvenirs to your friends and family. If you are not only searching for physical souvenirs, you can also have exciting tourist souvenirs by enjoying a “poop” shape waffle or go to the poop cafe. 

Ready to go shopping ? We hope you got all the good spots in mind and that you will find the best souvenirs for you but also for your friends and family. Please let us know what you got, and tell us if you find a wonderful secret spot.

🇫🇷 Lucille Menna

, a young french girl who fell in love with Korea back in 2016. I am now living the dream of being an expat in the exciting city Seoul.