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Where to Find Curly Hair Products in Korea

In other countries you can find a diverse array of hair care products, however, that is not always the case in Korea. Although Korea is becoming increasingly diverse, the population is still very homogeneous. As a result, most of the hair care products here are catered towards those with East Asian hair – straight, medium thickness, and black. But what about those of us with curly hair? Today I will share some of my experiences and let you know where I buy my curly hair products.

Types of curly hair

There are four different hair texture types. They are divided as follows: straight (type 1), wavy (type 2), curly (type 3), and coiled (type 4). Except for type 1, each category has three subcategories represented by the letters A, B, and C depending on their curvature and thickness of the strands.

Understanding your hair type will help you choose the best treatments and products for your hair. However, the problem is that here in Korea, no matter how well you understand your hair, it is really difficult to find products if your hair is not pin straight. And when you do manage to find some cream marketed for curly hair, it doesn’t usually sit well for those with genuine curls.

My Experience

My experience with in Korea has not been easy. I am Brazilian, so I am used to living in a place with increasing options year by year. 

However, in Korea, curly hair product options and acceptance of our hair hasn’t increased much since I moved here. Additionally, the challenges of living with curly hair are furthered, because even if you do manage to find the right products, they run out quickly. There are only a handful of brands that offer limited products for curly hair but an increasing number of curly-haired foreigners.  

When the products you are used to sell out, there are three options. You can test your luck with some new Korean brands, import products, or use a combination. 

Where to find curly hair products?

I recommend using a combination of both Korean and imported products. Although imported products are usually better, using them exclusively gets expensive. You can find specific products online. Websites with a large range of curly hair products include Coupang, iHerb, and Honey Hair Korea.

If you want to try out some Korean brands, I recommend the following:


It is important to remember that everyone’s hair is different. Even though these products work for me, they may not work for everyone. Don’t be afraid to try out some new products for yourself and see how they go. Because those of us here now are curly hair pioneers in Korea, we have no choice but to try things out for ourselves. 

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