Where to Buy Souvenirs in Yeosu, South Korea

If you are the type of person that likes to collect souvenirs from all the cities you travel, this article is for you! Since we will let you know where you can buy your souvenirs in Yeosu.


Yeosu (여수) is a city located in the province of Jeollanam (전라남도). Which has undoubtedly become a popular tourist destination between South koreans. And not only because of the beautiful landscapes that it has, but also all the history behind the city.

With this in mind, it is a place that you must visit during your trip. And once you are there, it is of course a great idea to by some souvenirs!

Due to this, we will introduce you our favorite shops to buy them!

A great way to remember

The souvenirs keep the memory of your trip alive! With this I mean that every time we see them, we surely start having flashbacks of our great adventures. Which of course, we remember with a lot of warmth.

And these, for sure are a great gift for our loved ones! It is a good way to make them recall that even if we are far away, we bring them with us in our minds.

For those reasons, we are about to let you know where you can buy souvenirs in Yeosu. So you can get some in your trip!


This is undoubtedly one of the most popular places to buy souvenirs. Especially because they sell Yeosu-themed bread and cookies. Since it is mainly a bakery. No wonder it has indeed become one of the must visit spots of the city.

They also have a shelf where you can find some gifts. Such as postcards, keychains, pencils, diaries, and much more!

But what I like the most, is that these are really well designed. And they also follow various themes. In other words, there are souvenirs based in the history of the city. While there is also some based in the beach.

Just by looking at their instagram, you surely would like to buy some! Because everything is pretty.


Address: 243 Jungang-dong, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do

How to get there:
From Yeosu EXPO Station, you will need to take bus no. 2 Or bus no. 111. And wait for 7 stops. Then, you will get off in the bus stop called ‘하나은행’. After that, you will have to cross the street. Then, walk to your left till eventually find it.

Schedule: Everyday 10:00 ~ 21:00

나의 바다, 나의 여수

This is surely one of the best souvenir stores. Because they have great variety of items! From postcards to handmade products, you can of course find your ideal gift here!

But what I like the most of this place, is that they sell really pretty acrylic souvenirs. That is why it is one of the best places on where you can buy souvenirs in Yeosu.


Address: 여수 고소3길 63 한신상가 102 호

How to get there:
From Yeosu EXPO Station, you will in fact need to take bus no. 2. And wait for 17 stops. Then, you will get off in the bus stop called ‘경찰서’. After that, you must walk for 12 minutes.


This was my favorite shop. Because it is in a café. Which looks really pretty from the outside, and it indeed is on the inside. Plus, it was five minutes away from my hotel!

For sure, they sell some of the most beautiful goods. Since most of them, look artistic for sure. Since are done by the owner. Who in fact seems to be an artist. Since she creates the illustrations.

Needless to say, you can find postcards, keychains, diaries, and more!

Once you enter the store, you might want to buy everything for sure. Because all the items are beautiful.

Since I love collecting postcards, I bought some there. And let me tell you, that in fact the quality of both is really good! Making them indeed great for collection.


Address: 공화동 747번지 1층 여수시 전라남도 KR

How to get there:
From Yeosu EXPO Station, you will in fact need to take bus no. 2, 333 or 111.

Bus no. 2: You will need to wait for 14 stops. And you will get off in the stop called ‘마띠유호텔건너’. After that, you must cross the street. And walk to your right before turning left in the first corner. Then, you just need to walk straight to find it.

Bus no. 333: You must wait for 7 stops. Before getting off in the stop called ‘공화동 휴게소’. There, you need to turn back and walk till crossing the street. After that, you will cross the street again and turn left. And in the first corner you need to turn to the right and walk straight until finding it.

Bus no. 111: You need to wait for 3 stops. And you will get off in the stop called ‘동광탕’. After that, you need to cross the street and turn to your left. And you must turn right in the first corner before walking straight. Then, you will find it.

Everyday 10:30 ~ 17:30


Yeosu is indeed a city that you must visit when you come to South Korea. Because of how beautiful it is. And also because of the history. Because this place, has many historical spots.

In case you travel to this city, we hope that our recommendations on where to buy souvenirs in Yeosu are helpful for you!

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